This Quadriga thing fascinates

So, Canadian crypto exchange. Founder dies. All passwords to the stock of crypto are lost. Oooops!

Then it occurs to people that perhaps said founder was a bad ‘un. For he certainly had been involved in scams before. Hmm:

Lawyers representing the customers of a collapsed trading platform have demanded that the founder’s body is exhumed given what they claim are “questionable circumstances” surrounding his death.

Well, yes, first step is to find out whether he actually did die…..this one is going to run for years I think. ‘Cuz I think the first step is going to find out that he didn’t.

5 thoughts on “This Quadriga thing fascinates”

  1. Curious that there isn’t an Indian death certificate.

    Bit of an oversight that, especially as it’s quite easy to get a death certificate in India for people who are demonstrably still alive.

  2. Funnily enough at the same time we were renewing our life insurance and were reminded that we weren’t covered if we died in India

  3. When I worked in life assurance, we were very reluctant not to pay out on death claims (even suicide), but were very wary about ‘deaths’ that took place on the subcontinent (particularly if it was an ‘ethnic’).

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