Tough one really

The world knows me as female.

But there are still some exceptions. HMRC says I’m a bloke. If I want to remarry, I’d legally be the husband (and if I were straight and wanted to marry a man, religious celebrants could refuse to marry me or host my wedding in their church).

Just one of those problems that doesn’t go away I guess.

16 thoughts on “Tough one really”

  1. I feel sorry for Carrie, but twas her decision.

    From an original status as merely an unattractive man, she’s transitioned into a fugly minger as a woman.

  2. I am sorry for his mental troubles but he is about as female as Desperate Dan.

    I am not forgiving of his attempts to solve his psychic malaise by enabling the enshrinement of Marxist subjectivist evil into UK law.

  3. To be fair, Carrie is at least as convincing as one of Inspector Clouseau’s disguises.

    If I die, I’ll be buried as a man. If I finally lose the rag and murder a Sunday Times journalist, I’m more likely to be housed in a male prison. If I were seeking employment, employers demanding a birth certificate as proof of eligibility to work here (I know trans women this has happened to) could force me to out myself because my birth certificate still says I’m male.

    And if archeologists in the dim and distant future unearth Carrie’s skeleton, guess which sex they’ll say it is?

  4. Dennis, Watford’s Next Manager

    If you need a gender recognition certificate, you’re doing it wrong.

    And by ‘it’ I mean everything.

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