We are surprised are we?

United Nations peacekeepers fathered hundreds of babies in Haiti then abandoned young mothers to lives of single parenthood and poverty, the academic leading a research study has told The Times.

Thousands of young men, far from home, controlling the resources the poverty stricken need to survive.

We’re surprised, are we?

Is there actually an historical record of an army going anywhere and this not happening? Other than Genghis, in those towns where all were wiped out?

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  1. As an example, quite a lot of the WW2 bidyins of the GIs were taken back to the USA as war brides, so the abandonment isn’t as predicatable as the shagging.

  2. You’ve got Genghis a bit wrong, Tim. By some accounts, 9% of the population of central Asia is descended from a single ancestor living around 700years ago.

  3. There was talk about this on the Haiti forum in the International Sex guide, at the time. When the aid agencies hit town you couldn’t find a restaurant table, hotel room, taxi or hooker for love nor money. They were all booked solid

  4. To be fair, young Temujin had a disadvantaged upbringing so Tory austerity was to blame for his rapey, killy, pillagy ways.

  5. It’s not nearly as exciting as you think, M’Lud. It’s mostly “What I did on my holidays” by sad middle aged men.

  6. The trouble started at the top. Bill Clinton pushed his way into leading the relief of Haiti. No telling how many girls he ‘helped.’ I am curious how young he went for. 14? 13?

    The Soviets in Berlin in 1945 were notorious for helping themselves to the local women volk.

  7. Yes it happens everywhere you put a bunch of troops. In more stable areas you end up with long term relationships and marrying the girl. In more unstable areas where the troops have considerable access to what the locals lack then you have more transient relationships.
    Resulting in pregnancies without marriage or long term relationship.

  8. philip, that statement is probably true of most populations, and most people, not just a single 9%, would find themselves sharing a common ancestor with some other 8.9999% of the population.

  9. Bloke in Costa Rica

    BiG: it’s the recency of the common ancestor that’s surprising, not that one exists. The MRCA of all humans possibly lived as recently as 2300 years ago, but that’s still a lot more than 700. It’s popularly held that virtually all native Europeans descend from Charlemagne and all native Britons from Edward I. I can’t nail that stat down, though.

  10. m’Lud: I should get out more
    My reading of this from BiS talk about this on the Haiti forum in the International Sex guide is that you would need to stay in more.

    BiCR: and all native Britons from Edward I
    This would have to be confined to those with christian antecedents. When it comes to driving jews out of the country and expropriating their property Edward I was unequalled in intention until the arrival of Jeremy Corbyn.

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