We feast on their bitter tears

Et Tu, U.K.?
Labour’s wipeout in yesterday’s British election highlights the transnational defection of the white working class and deepens the global crisis of the social democratic left.


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  1. Mr Meyerson seems disappointed with those terrible white people; they should just accept their inevitable replacement which simultaneously isn’t happening but is what they deserve.

  2. Except the Labour party is much ore left wing than “social democracy”. It seems common that the lefties like to redefine words in order to blur the issues.

  3. This irritates- the framing of things as race based. There were working class tories in the 30s 40s and 50s and, if its true more of the population were working class then, its a certainty that no Tory majority could have been formed without their votes.
    What the phenomenon of love’s labour lost seats is the result of ignoring the first sentence on the first page of the national political party instruction manual. Support your base, court the centre. If a party ignores their base, then the base won’t vote for them.
    Yup there’s a quandary posed by the EU question. Every political party faced it. It’s resolution doesn’t fall on a left/right axis, despite all paens to the contrary. But the referendum helped with that rather than hinders it. Support the implementation of the referendum, do it with a sad heart if you must, but you’ll keep your creditability. Because you have the democratic principle. What you can’t do is go to Northern towns who wanted out and say i know you wanted out but we’re not necessarily going to do that for your sake luvvies, we think it’ll be better for you if we stay in so let’s see what a 2nd referendum says about it. At that point it should be obvious that you’ve lost a big chunk of your support. Ok maybe worth it if there is an equally large number of votes out there to replace them. But there were’nt. And to put it down to nationalism. Not really, its just a worry that you don’t, won’t get a say on the rules, the rule makers. And what’s more a party flirting with ignoring a referendum result does vindicate they were right to be worried and right to vote accordingly.

  4. It wasn’t the social democrats who lost out, it was the democratic socialists who lost. Importantly showing that democracy will have no truck with socialism, to implement socialism you need to override democracy.

  5. ..and it seems like they are really, really, really going to elect Rebecca Mong-Bailey as the new Corbyn with tits…


  6. ..and it seems like they are really, really, really going to elect Rebecca Mong-Bailey as the new Corbyn with tits…

    And at the first opportunity we’re going to get them out too…

  7. There are a variety of things that seem odd to me on the Labour leadership stuff.

    Firstly the idea that the idiot Keir Starmer was ever favourite. He’s not a Corbynista and he, more than anyone else, was responsible for their loss of the heartland – for the reasons correctly identified by Hallowed Be above. (Note that the loss of the election had broader reasons – the whole mad spending rush and the fact that Jezza was evil).

    Secondly, whatever happened to Cat Smith? She’s still an MP and is a loyal Corbynite. For some reason was overshadowed by Laura Pidcock – despite having been elected before her. (She does sound stupid, but then so do all the others – RLB, Angela Rayner and Jess Phillips). What made her lose favour at the Court of Jezza?

    Thirdly, why does anyone take the idiot David Lammy as anything other than a joke? He nominted Jezza yet didnt get given a seat in the Shadow Cabinet despite the massive outflow of Shadow cabinet ministers. How pathetic is that – he’s so useless that the current bunch of idiots in the Shadow Cabinet were seen to be better than him.

  8. @ Hallowed Be
    In the 1950s the Working Class were not only a majority of people in the UK, there were even a majority of paid-up members of the Conservative & Unionist Party. Mr Meyerson is selectively re-writing history, just like Polly et al. My local party was chaired by, in turn, a NHS Dentist, an industrial company executive and an AEU Shop Steward.

  9. Blair and Straw eventually admitted to encouraging mass Third World immigration because of their hatred for the old British. Then Labour offered something even worse – a bunch of commies who hate everything about not only Britain but all of Western Civilisation.

    And still one third of the electorate voted for the hate-filled commies. Though, I’ll grant you, many of that third were presumably third worlders, real or imagined. But many were not.

  10. Why does anyone pay Harold Myerson, whoever he is?

    Such a tunnel vision, such historic ineptness, such complete disassociation with reality…

  11. The left has this view that the world will one day be a brown progressive paradise ruled by old white hippies. They don’t see that working class minorities actually have similar economic interests as working class whites, and their kids are intermarrying at a pretty rapid clip. Grandkids are bringing them all together.

  12. This amuses


    “Ms Whittome has already said a significant chunk of her £79,468 MP salary will be given back to the local community.
    “I’ve pledged to take an average workers’ wage which the Office for National Statistics calculates as being just over £35,000 a year,” she said.
    “I’ll be donating the rest to local causes. That includes charities, strike funds, grassroots projects that are working so hard in the face of austerity.”
    She defended Labour’s election manifesto but will not be drawn on who should replace Jeremy Corbyn as party leader.”

    reminds me of Keith Vaz


  13. John77- yes and the re-writing of history as a coping mechanism only causes further cognitive dissonance down the line.

  14. While they all seem to be piling into Corbyn, you do have to wonder how the hell anyone could come out of an interview looking good when the first 10mins were about ‘is that really your Brexit policy? You’re not kidding?’
    A policy so bad even the media couldn’t spin it and make it look good, it does seem like there is a desire in Labour to play down the Brexit angle simply because
    A. They don’t want to believe that the public want to leave
    B. Certain parties don’t want the blame for the policy

  15. Have we reached a point where so many of our urban-centric betters work/socialise with foreigners that they have forgotten foreigners generally don’t have the right to vote in UK General Elections? Labour’s desperation in offering a second referendum open to anyone was a bit of a shock.

  16. The wimmin with their eye on Jezza’s job

    Next, at 7/1, is Angela Rayner. She certainly has a story to tell. Still only 39, the most remarkable fact about her may be that she became a grandmother at 37. The second most remarkable fact is, perhaps, that under Corbyn she was elevated to the post of shadow education secretary despite having left school aged 16 while pregnant and without any recognised qualifications. She trained as a care worker, joined the Labour Party and won her Greater Manchester seat in 2015. Might her age and association with Corbyn count against her?

    That leaves the Birmingham MP Jess Phillips. This hardcore Remainer, aged 38, is another product of an all-woman shortlist. She has been heavily backed to take the top job. Initially she was a 20/1 shot just after the polling stations closed on Thursday evening. By Friday morning she was into 8/1. That was until this news hit. We might have to strike her from the list! (Though I doubt it).

    Jeepers, I’d have put Jess Phillips as at least 10 years older than Rayner on both looks and sense. On sense Rayner is still a 16 year old Catherine Tait school girl merged with Vicky “yeah but, no but*” Pollard

    Ah, Jess Phillips MP

    Smoker, Fat (look at her thighs), Bad skin & False teeth (upper jaw dentures) – drink, drugs, sugar?…

    Another example of do as I say, not as I do hypocrite

    * yeah but, no but – Rayner has said that on QT

  17. Long-Bailey and Rayner picked for top jobs by LabourList readers

    “But a majority disagreed, with 28% saying Corbyn should go “at a time of his choosing”.”

    Inc me : )

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