We had a financial crisis last month?

Car production plunged to levels not seen since the financial crisis last month as manufacturers

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  1. We want people to make, buy and sell cars as long as they don’t want to drive them. People, on the other hand, don’t want to be the mug who buys the last car before the banning legislation comes in and thus buys an unsellable white elephant.

  2. rhoda

    “People, on the other hand, don’t want to be the mug who buys the last car before the banning legislation comes in”

    It can work the other way if the banning legislation says “all new must be handicapped”.

  3. I’m waiting for a journalist to tell me that the car industry is a “bellweather” for the economy.

    Hell, he’d have to overrule his autocorrection to do that.

    Or he might tell me that it’s a “canary in the mine”: any old mine will do, apparently.

  4. ‘Car companies pointed to production halts around Britain’s scheduled departure from the EU on October 31 as a major factor in the most recent decline’

    Britain continues to take the pain without the gain.

    “A coward dies a thousand times.”

  5. Strikes in France, Germany economy stuck in treacle along with the rest of the Continent and Winter upon us not usually a time of frantic car sales. Conclusion: must be because of Brexit.

  6. Yes, John B, it’s the same argmentum ad ignorantiam used by the Climate Change Scientists:

    “We don’t know what causes variability in global mean temperature, so IT MUST BE MAN!”

  7. I am thinking of buying an X5/Q7 type thing. Audi dealers appear to discount the new price by nearly 20%. BMW by 15%. An Audi sales manager said the cars are sold at below break even so there wasn’t scope for any more negotiation.

    Given the reduction in price it makes it stupid to buy a 1-2 yr old second hand vehicle. Someone is hurting.

  8. @rhoda

    Spot on

    Same as: We want people to buy food to support farmers as long, as they don’t eat it or bin it – #ObesityCrisis #FoodWaste #ClimateCrisis

  9. Gamecock… purchased a new SUV in September, picked oit a nice oil burner in white, 4×4 and all that. Paid for nice oil burner.. went to pick up nice oil burner. Surprise! hybrid waiting for me Wtf. Still iit does 59 on long cruise. the price difference was massive, nearly 10k. I’m guessing they needed to shift a few.

  10. Yeah, I got a deal, too.

    Ford has introduced the new GT500. The people who would buy a 350R are the same ones who would buy the GT500. Hence, demand for the 350R has dropped sharply.

    Window sticker on my car had dealer “Market value adjustment*” of $15,000 over MSRP. I paid $3,000 UNDER MSRP.

    *As I have said before, if they get it, it is “market adjustment.” If they don’t, it’s obscene dealer markup.

  11. @Gamecock, Catch me if you can

    Nice beast, lot of oomph for the money: Shelby GT350R: $69,530

    Does it go round corners?

    You won’t catch my 964C4 or ZZR : )

  12. @Gamecock

    964C4 may have less HP, but 0-60 is quicker, top speed higher and goes round corners even in snow. The ZZR is deresticted :wink.

    GT350R – I love the deep burble cross-plane V8s make, and the scream of a flat-plane V8

    Beemer – nice bike and an all rounder like ZZR “balastic sofa” sports-tourer. 100 miles is my recreational ride on fast twisty roads, takes under an hour with 30mphish adhered to in each town & village. One corner I love is the 130mph left then right hander onto Dolphinton Straight

    Video: Oh dear, no speed through corners

    PS steering wheel on wrong side :tongue

    Merry Christmas

  13. “One corner I love is the 130mph left”

    Oh, my. Way too fast for Gamecock. Top speed yesterday was 90 mph.

    “PS steering wheel on wrong side”

    ARGH! I have no retort.

    Merry Christmas to you as well.

    I am up early. Saw my son off on his trek to Tokyo. A dream of his for at least 15 years.

  14. @Gamecock

    Speed – NP, I’ve been a speed/adrenaline junkie all my life* and maxed every vehicle I’ve owned and most I’ve driven**. Same with skiing, cyling, ice skating – faster = better. Broken bones, cuts, pain etc? Lots, similar to Guy Martin

    0-60 – my mistake your car wins, but only when road dry and If you’d do full throttle launch and keep foot down :wink

    * First remembered vehicle crash: age 3 – furiously pedalling tiny tricycle down hill & left at bottom as before; oops, anorak strings wrapped round pedals. Woke up being carried home by a kind woman

    ** Mate asked me to ride his R1 home after replaced “metal on metal” brake ‘pads’ on his car. How was it says he?
    “Not as stable in cross-winds over bridge as ZZR at 150mph, had to fight it”
    “150? You’re mad, I’ve never been over 85mph”
    Me thinks: why did you buy an R1? Mad? You were the tit driving a car with useless brakes and didn’t know

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