Well, actually Carrie…..

Man boobs aren’t caused by plants, nuts, seeds or soy.

Not true.

Even if the claim was true, which it isn’t, if you’re eating four fast food burgers a day it’s not cleavage you need to worry about.

As ever, it’s the dose which is the poison.

Because of the normal findings from the imaging evaluation, the patient was interviewed again, and he described a daily intake of 3 quarts of soy milk. After he discontinued drinking soy milk, his breast tenderness resolved and his estradiol concentration slowly returned to normal.

This is a very unusual case of gynecomastia related to ingestion of soy products.

Is four nutburgers equal to 3 quarts of soy milk? Dunno. But that is the issue here, not flat out statements that soy doesn’t cause gynecomastia – a statement which is wrong.

15 thoughts on “Well, actually Carrie…..”

  1. Dennis, Meat Eating Theologian

    It’s as if God is trying to tell you that real beef and real milk was His plan all along.

  2. Dennis, Less Of A Meat Eating Theologian Than Previously Thought

    Bacon? Wine? It’s like I forgot half the Psalms. Forgive me, Lord.

  3. ‘When you read it in that context, the Whopper Gives You Tits story isn’t so funny.’

    The Left has no sense of humor.

    ‘The story’s author has previously written for the far-right fantasy factory Breitbart’

    Pot, meet kettle.

  4. Why do you have this post categorised as ‘feminism’, Tim? This geezer’s no more feminine than you are. You’ll be categorising Richie as economics next.

  5. Why do you waste time with this “Carrie” freak-o Tim? The issue of trannies is their use as a weapon by the scum of the left.

    Their individual delusions are of no real consequence. Beyond the central sex confusion that allows socialist trash to manipulate their badly troubled hench-MEN.

  6. I’ve always admired Gary’s writing. He’s got a skill that I don’t, I actually envy the ability. Thus why I’ve read the site for, ooh, dunno, a decade? Mebbe less than that but for some time at least.

    Given that I do so I find I cannot resist pointing to what I regard as certain errors – I am, after all, a pendant.

  7. It will doubtless not be long before National Gallery has artistically sculpted human turds on display.

    But however artistic they will still be shite. Such is my attitude to the ravings of left-serving deludes.

  8. Question is how much of a pendant is it necessary to be? “Soy doesn’t cause man boobs” is for everyday values of true, true. It’s (almost) as true as “Drinking water doesn’t cause death by hyponatremia”. In that in the overwhelming majority of cases it is true, and you have to consume self-abusive quanitities of the stuff for the statements to become untrue.

    So the pendantry may have some place in a scientific report, a courtroom, or on this blog, but not really anywhere else. In fact overdoing the covering all bases writing can detract from the quality of the piece. Do we really need to say that soy can also cause man-boobs if you surgically implant it in the breast? It’ll cause alarge of other far more urgent problems if you do that, but still, pendantry and all.

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