Well done that man, well done

And back in the clubhouse, Collins asked his team-mates for the day if he could wear their club socks while playing for Barbarians against South Africa at Twickenham a month later.

“There is Jerry Collins of New Zealand and Barnstaple,” said commentator Stuart Barnes as the Kiwi strode into challenge wearing red socks.

3 thoughts on “Well done that man, well done”

  1. Bloke in North Dorset

    Great story.

    The people of Newton Abbot might be surprised their town has migrated north in to North Devon. What’s the point of the licence fee if even the BBC doesn’t employ subs?

    Just in case they either change it or clear up the language the language ….

    Still on the books of Wellington-based Super Rugby outfit Hurricanes, Collins could have been forgiven for looking at an uneven playing surface, wonky goalposts with a crisp chill in the air as a north Devon experience worth missing.

    But in these humble surroundings his sprinkle of stardust offered an experience the small number of people present could scarcely believe.

    “We are sat there in Newton Abbot’s dressing room and he actually goes on the phone and calls Dan Carter to say ‘you wouldn’t believe where I am’,” recalls Barnstaple seconds prop Trevor Wayborn with a smile.

    And this is priceless:

    “We asked him what he’d do to warm up he said ‘the same as you bro’.”

  2. Hang on, wasn’t Collins killed by a sleeping Portuguese truck driver on the autoroute North of Perpignan ? But still kudos to the guy for coaching at Barnstaple, turning out for the seconds and then wearing their socks for the BarBars

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