Well, we can in fact change this

This is a statement of fact, and not opinion.

So, every time a politician says it wants the government to run a surplus (as the LibDems do) then the question has to be ‘who do they want to run the deficit instead?’ Right now given that the overseas sector insists on saving in the UK, and I do not see that changing, the answer is the private sector, whether that be business or households.

Elect Jezza, foreign capital will flood out and so government can run a surplus. Not quite how I’d go about it to be honest but it would work.

5 thoughts on “Well, we can in fact change this”

  1. Well, maybe the LibDems think that all the retired “Baby Boomers” who are spending down their savings in retirement might be running a deficit?

  2. Why do we care who is running a deficit, especially as surplus/deficit should be a changing state not a permanent one

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