Well, yes

Three trans members of the committee complained that she had moved “into hate speech” as the T-shirt “denies non-binary identities and asserts the binary view of the world where male is synonymous with man and female is inextricably linked to womanhood”.

If we’re to say that men can become women and vice versa then we are rather insisting that there is something called male which is linked with man, something female linked with woman. Otherwise we’d not be saying that people can become female, insisting that they are women, would we?

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  1. Er… I rather think that the activist’s point was that THEY want to pretend to be what they aren’t, so SHE should shut up and not draw attention to the fact…

    The left wing have found that their best way of winning arguments is to ensure that any opponents shut up, and they now have the weight of the judiciary behind them….

  2. Three trans members of the committee complained

    Bloody hell, how did they get that many to not kill themselves for long enough to sit on a committee?

  3. “is facing expulsion from the LGBT committee of the Trades Union Congress”

    Boohoo. It’s not like they’re sentencing hxr to twelve years in the gulags, is it? Besides, as the leadership becomes more extreme in its views, the rank and file will slowly abandon the organisation. We should welcome this development.

  4. This is annoying. For a long time, I have self-identified on government forms as a Palestinian Lesbian Differently-Abled Single Mother of Color.

    Now I will have to self-identify as a Trans-gendered Palestinian Lesbian Differently-Abled Single Mother of Color.

    It is so hard to keep up with fashion these days!

  5. Bloke in Costa Rica

    As Orwell didn’t say, but should have: “in a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

  6. Article in BBC said someone in Iowa was jailed for burning a pride flag as it was considered a hate crime, surprised me as I thought flag burning was a US right of expression.
    If they want to say the pride flag is protected and the US flag isn’t I can’t see that being well received by the average person

  7. Bloke in North Dorset


    The crime was arson, he lit it next to a building, with a bit of hate thrown in. He was also a serial offender. Arson is usually classed as a very serious offence in most jurisdictions and maybe the prosecutor pushed the limits to make it an arson charge, but the perp was no innocent protester jailed for burning the pride flag.

  8. The crime was arson, he lit it next to a building, with a bit of hate thrown in.

    Surely, as long as the building didn’t go up, its not arson?
    Or did the flag not belong to him?

  9. What a fantastic headline, sums up the lunacy both of them and the media: “Trans woman Debbie Hayton faces ban for transphobia”.

    There are only four words in that headline which shouldn’t be surrounded by inverted commas (I am assuming he kept his surname).

  10. The thing about arson is its weirdness. Last time I looked, which was some years ago but I doubt it’s changed, standard sentencing practice was to seek a psych report before making any decisions.

    And, dwelling on it, arson is indeed very odd behaviour.

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