Well, yes, actually, he is

London Bridge attack: Prisoner who confronted terrorist is not a hero, say family of the woman he murdered

That someone has done something bad is this thing over here. That someone has done something good, or brave, or heroic, is this other thing over there.

Eric Gill really was rather good at carving despite his rape of the family dog. Michael Jackson cut some pretty mean tunes whatever happened at Neverland. Certain VC winners have been less than wondrous in the round and yet still heroes.

Yes, agreed, this rather goes against the current mores which say that if anyone ever uttered a single waycist sentiment then their entire lives were in vain. Yet it is still true, it is possible for a human to be more than one thing, both a hero and a villain for example.

5 thoughts on “Well, yes, actually, he is”

  1. And nothing happened at Neverland anyway Tim. You believe too many manufactured myths–Global warming amongst them.

  2. It’s remarkable that such an elementary idea needs explaining to any adult.

    I blame too much telly watching.

  3. It’s a bit like listening to Denise Bulger. Unhinged, as I would have been in her shoes, by grief. Deserving of the greatest sympathy and understanding that can be shown to another person. But not to be taken seriously on matters of policy-making.

    In other words, I understand why the family of the murdered girl feels this way (albeit the assailant in that case has done more to redeem himself than has at least one of the Bulger murderers), and I reckon they’re entitled to it – albeit a grudging recognition of his incipient apparent redemption might do them more good.

    But the point is, there’s a distinction for the rest of us to remember, between private grief and matters of public pronouncement.

  4. “But Ms Champion’s family expressed concern that Hall had been allowed on day release from prison without his victims’ relatives being informed in advance.”

    Ah, but it would have been ok to let convicted murderers out *if* the victim’s families have been informed.

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