What a good idea

Nato should de-escalate conflict with Russia in order to focus on the climate crisis and the wealth of billionaires, Jeremy Corbyn has said.

For tanks are really very good at reducing inequality, aren’t they?

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  1. Jizz is a prime fuckwit. The train subsidies –for that is what they are–announced off the cuff it seems show that. Promise them owt for the votes–quite brazenly.

    According to the “Great Re-Alignment” site of PdeH Nats Solent makes much of some new poll saying there is only 6 points in it now. I posted:

    “Polls are up and down–even assuming it isn’t fixed as most are to some degree.

    Even if true it seems remarkable that a load of well-off remainiacs want Jizz’s dirty fingernails in their prosperous hides from day one. Of course he has announced one third of their London commute to be paid for by poorer parts of the UK. All uncosted and on the spur of the moment of course.

    However they are foolish to imagine Jizz will keep faith with them. After all has he not announced shite loads of Nationalisation plans his EU masters won’t let him do?

    If he stays in the EU of course–should power come his way.

    The remainiacs are scum and pigshite thick in many cases. But even they should realise that Jizz and the gang–having already betrayed their former voters–have no reason to suck remains’ dick after Marxism has the power it seeks and will promise anything for.”

    Hard to see how Jizz can do his Marxist turds INSIDE the EU. So remainiacs beware.

  2. I would be all in favour of de-escalating conflict with Russia. Not because I have any time for Bad Vlad but:

    Russia is at least partly a European nation and is a Christian one. There are important cultural links which we shouldn’t squander.

    China is by far our biggest external threat and the one we should focus on.

    We manage to make nice with the Saudis and the CCP so I think we can manage to forge a more positive relationship with Russia.

  3. Ecksy – My confidence weakens with each passing day.

    The Tory strategy seems to be to repeat ‘Get Brexit done’ and ignore everything else. They don’t appear prepared to attack the economic madness of the spending Labour has lined up nor to argue for personal responsibility, law & order etc.

    They seem more terrified that one of Labour’s screeching harridans will shout ‘Them Tories are evil” on Twitter than they are of losing the election.

    BTW EU membership presents obstacles to Labour’s nationalisation plans but it’s not a barrier. Corbyn is the only senior Labour figure who is a Leaver at heart. A Labour government means we’ll Remain.

  4. How is it NOT a barrier MC–they can’t nationalise shite inside the EU. So they are lying to their own gang or the remainiacs.

    And this IS a Brexit election. Does anyone not themselves a fuckwit need to be told ZaNu are taking the piss? My worry remains the vote splitters–remain is well outnumbered if we don’t split.

  5. Nato is a military alliance, like the Triple Entente and the Allied Powers.

    How you would use a military alliance ‘on the climate crisis and the wealth of billionaires’ I haven’t a clue. More surrealness from Corbyn.

    As Nato has devolved to U.S. military protection of Europe, a vestige of the Cold War, and the EU seems to have its own political direction, I would go Corbyn one better. Nato should be folded nicely, and tossed into the bin of history.

  6. Mr Ecks

    I checked once, but cannot remember the details.

    But you’re wrong: a state can indeed nationalise companies while inside the EU. I mean, look at France… They even – fairly recently – nationalised an Italian-owned company (well, the Italian half of a French-Italian shipbuilding company).

  7. So what about the much vaunted no-state-assistance-level-playing-field crap ? And about EU businesses not being kept out of countries markets?

    Don’t think you have it correct Bloke.

  8. As I understand it a government can nationalise, but at full market price, not some figure plucked.out of the air. And to pay that borrowing would considerably exceed the limits set.by the.EU.

  9. Pat, you don’t understand, they are going to swap shares for bonds, yes, BONDS. So that’s all right.

  10. MC – does any country claim to be a Christian one this century?
    Yes, Russia has some Christians. So does Britain – but would not claim our country is a Christian country.
    Luckily we tend to vote against the Christian party when it stands in elections.

    China being the enemy? Better stockpile a ton of stuff then and check it all thoroughly, what with them supplying a considerable amount of the stuff our country and our armed forces use.

  11. Bottom line — it is long past time for NATO to be shut down. It no longer serves a useful purpose.

    It may have made sense in the immediate aftermath of World War II — but that was a long time ago. There is now no need for the US to act as the muscle for worthless Euro politicians, such as when Obama/Clinton did the bidding of Eurotrash and bombed Libya from a relatively peaceful standard oil-exporting dictatorship into a seething mass of slave-trading violence.

    It is time for Europeans (so dependent on Russia for energy and on China for manufactured goods) to be left alone to find their own way in the world. And time for the US to focus on fixing its own problems instead of acting as obedient brute force for effete Europeans.

  12. For once I agree with you Longshanks.

    You should adopt the same attitude to minding your own business. ie re Brexit.

  13. Messrs. Longmuir and Ecks


    Eurotinypenis posturing has passed its sell-by date. And then some. Rumsfeld was pushing this line 14-15 years ago. Bolton, likewise.

  14. Mr. Lud: “Eurotinypenis posturing has passed its sell-by date.”

    Just like NATO then? But you get the prize, Mr. Lud, for creative use of language! I like it — with your permission, may borrow it!

    Mea culpa — I forgot that muscular Europeans were taking control of the situation in the Middle East, with France setting up a naval base in the UAE to protect tankers passing through the Straits of Hormuz. There are rumors that France is now looking for a tug big enough to tow its aircraft carrier to the Gulf. 🙂

    To be serious, Europe will get taken seriously when Europe starts to behave seriously. Until then, it is open season for jokes.

  15. @MC December 2, 2019 at 2:59 pm

    +1 Russia is still reported on as if USSR still existed. Militarily, other than nukes, they’re not a threat to UK; altough they would beat Germany’s 4 Typhoons, 8 Leopards and broomstick armed soldiers

    Trump is one of few polticians who accepts reality

    @Gamecock December 2, 2019 at 3:56 pm

    We would use a military alliance ‘on the climate crisis” to wage war on the Climate Crisis terrorists and their fear-mongering supporters.

    We defeated the “Nazi Crisis” and the “Climate Crisis” are less well equipped.

    @Martin December 2, 2019 at 5:34 pm

    Yes, all East EU, Nordic, Madeira, British Isles…

  16. GL: I’d argue that the Europeans should invest their money in fracking rather than wasting it on the Middle East.

  17. Gamecock said:
    “How you would use a military alliance ‘on the climate crisis and the wealth of billionaires’ I haven’t a clue. More surrealness from Corbyn.”

    Problem is, I can easily imagine how they would use guns and tanks to “solve the problem” of billionaires.

  18. The EU does not forbid state-owned businesses, but it is strongly against the creation of new monopolies (whether state-owned or not). That’s Labour’s problem with Remain.

  19. Actually tanks are exactly what you need to deal with inequality – as the soviets demonstrated. And they’ll be needed if “Jizz” is allowed to run his course. Socialism is something you vote your way into but have to shoot your way out of.

  20. Dennis, He of Perfect Posture

    End NATO? Nah. That’d require you boys to buy a lot of narwhal tusks and fire extinguishers. For all the talk, I’m not sure you’re up to it in the Steely Resolve department. But don’t think we don’t get something out of NATO… It allows us to keep a close eye on Germany. History has taught us doing so is a good idea.

  21. Pcar – we have a secular government, secular politics, secular society. When was the last time you were forced by society to attend church 3 times on a Sunday?
    Been centuries since we were a Christian nation.

  22. @Martin

    When, in WASP UK, were we ever forced by society/Gov to attend church 3 times on a Sunday?

    We were told at Prep school “You don’t need to go to church, you can pray anywhere at any time”

    We are still a Christian country despite Left – see national anthem

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