Why would you advertise this?

We’re looking for an expert metaphysical writer who can help us expand our astrology site with well-researched content and in-depth psychic site reviews.

Wouldn’t the good ones already know you were looking?

15 thoughts on “Why would you advertise this?”

  1. Apparently, one did apply, but had to cancel the interview due to unforeseen circumstances.
    Merry Christmas, Tim. Your blog has given me lots of enjoyment, even the topics I didn’t understand!

  2. Bloke in North Dorset


    Twitter tells me that Judi Dench claims her character in Cats is trans. Future historians will be asking their colleagues in medical departments if the trans insanity was virus or germ.

  3. Gamecock, “expert” and “expert professions” according to Nassim Taleb, well worth a look I think in his Black Swan book: geologists, plumbers, electricians, etc versus psychologists, sociologists, economists, etc.

  4. Thankee very much Jussi: ”geologists, plumbers, electricians.” Geologist at your service. I have also substantially re-configured the wiring in my wife’s factory so the power outlets.are adjacent to the machines and extention leads have been eliminated. I do a fir bit of plumbing too.

  5. Apparently Judi Dench did a fur bit of plumbing too.

    ^^above joke almost makes sense

    Just annoyed that the “unforeseen circumstances” gag has already been taken. Now waiting for the $100M CGI heavy adaption of Starlight Express, featuring a terrifyingly morphed Olivia Coleman as a shunting engine. And Idris Elba, because he has to be in fucking everything.

  6. @Seth

    I think those with a Science brain are usually good at engineering/practical things like elec, plumb, engines, DIY etc



  7. Bloke in Costa Rica

    Pcar: that’s in general true, plus we know a) to RTFM and b) what we don’t know and thus when it’s time to call in someone who does.

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