A negative Pigou Tax

Gavin asks in the comments, can we have a negative Pigou Tax?

Sure, we call it a subsidy.

2 thoughts on “A negative Pigou Tax”

  1. Maybe tongue-in-cheek does not work in this neighborhood?

    The real point was that — intuitively — there is an optimum level of CO2 in the atmosphere for life on Planet Earth. Perhaps it would be a good idea for governments first to invest in some research to identify that optimum level, instead of assuming that we are already at or above the optimum and therefore need to tax, regulate, & impoverish the peons to cut their CO2 emissions.

  2. @Gavin

    Tongue-in-cheek does not work with Mr Worstall on “evil, dangerous, poisonous, life threatening Carbon”

    Mr Worstall (& MBE) fully signed up to the ficticous AGW/ACC catastrophe claims

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