A revealing little paragraph

The UN’s extreme poverty expert is embarking on a 12-day visit to Spain to see what the government of Europe’s fifth largest economy is doing to address inequality, unemployment and social exclusion.

Inequality, unemployment and social exclusion not being extreme poverty of course.

But then that being what Alston does, looks at inequality and declares it to be extreme poverty.

13 thoughts on “A revealing little paragraph”

  1. Presumably travelling to a nation with actual extreme poverty would involve jabs and the risk of being touched by a poor person.

    The cuntitude of the UN waxes ever greater.

  2. He should be met at the airport, taken into a side room, beaten up and put on the next plane out to anywhere –just to add to the UN’s costs.

    That should discourage the leftist eco-freak globo-elite sucking UN bastards very handily.

  3. “,,,it’s not so clear that those in the bottom 50% or lower have seen the real benefits of the economic recovery….. more focused policies … can ensure that the good news is more widely shared.”

    bottom 50% or lower??? says the special UN rapper bottom fiddy cent.

  4. Perhaps the UN could organise a whip-round in Somalia to alleviate the terrible poverty in Spain and the UK?

  5. The photo reminds me a lot of others depicting the effects of skunk cannabis. The rest of the article cries out to be fisked for laughs but I can’t be bothered. At least the G reports some of the derision provoked.

    Is Spain nice this time of year?

  6. @BoM4

    You jest, but I did see some homeless people argue about whose turn it was to use their mobile phone a few days ago.

    As rough sleepers (who may have been staying overnight at a nearby hostel, I suspect that being the reason for the concentration of them at that location) they clearly were in extreme poverty, but as addicts (the afflictions of addiction being painfully evident) it didn’t look like taking them out of extreme poverty was going to be an easy task either. Certainly not as simple as giving them money.

  7. MBE,

    Yeah. I remember how, in the 90s, there was this whole anti-Tory thing about rough sleepers and how government wasn’t helping, so Shelter grew and various government programs and it made little difference. Rough sleepers seem to be high maintenance. They seem to need to be monitored and managed in a way that lots of poor people don’t. They get places in shelters and then get into fights or smash things up.

  8. I disagree, Mr Ecks. He should be disappeared. Failing to return from his trip. Spanish investigators finding no trace of him.

  9. poverty is persistently higher for children, migrants, and Roma populations.

    Ang about… I’ve got an idea.

  10. @Francisco Franco

    – Make children work and earn money to reduce their poverty?
    – Remove migrants, and Roma populations – poverty vanquished?

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