A saving grace

Campaigners have called for nude art classes in schools to improve body image issues caused by social media, and teachers will decide if children can take part.

Artists want models to disrobe for young people and display the unfiltered human form, counteracting distortions of shape, size, and normality young people receive online.

Could solve this simply by a trip to the beach.

But at least they’re not asking the children to do the modelling. That would be too too close to paedo.

9 thoughts on “A saving grace”

  1. How do you get popular on Instagram? By lots of people judging you exceptional, unusual, out of the ordinary. So showing those peeps more ordinariness is neither here nor there. It doesn’t counteract rather its just as likely to re-enforce .

  2. For a few years I was a manager in a Further Education college, and hired and fired nude models in an art department I was responsible for. Despite the cultivated image of “it’s only a job, why can’t everyone be as cool about it as me?” they were a strange lot. Once I had to sack some oddbod for allegedly ejaculating while he was being drawn. He strenuously denied it, and I had to collect witness statements (colour, number of spurts, direction, etc ) from a whole class of teenagers.

    Sometimes, people ask me whether I regret being retired…

  3. I’m sorry, “teachers will decide”? Do the parents get a look in here?

    I wouldn’t be surprised at all Sam if you got a lot of weirdos. Of course, there are no potential downstream problems with extending the principle to younger kids. How could that possibly go wrong…

  4. “Campaigners have called for nude art classes in schools to improve body image issues caused by social media,”

    Sooooooo . . . instead of reasonably fit and attractive people they’ll also mandate that fatties are the only ones that can model?

    Otherwise, I don’t see how this would ‘help’.

  5. Could solve this simply by a trip to the beach

    Exactly. Always puzzles me why people so afraid of being seen in underwear when it’s no different to beach, swimming pool, water theme park etc

    An unvetted selection of bodies may be better – kiddie day in A&E Op-Theatre or Post-Mortem gallery

  6. From a drawing perspective, curvy/lumpy/chubby/flabby bodies are often more rewarding.
    I had a brief dalliance with life drawing in my late teens at art college and, whilst initially hoping that the models would be a) female and b) fit, it slowly dawned on me that maybe Lucian Freud et al knew their shit. Might not have been able to focus properly on a real naked Maja, come to that.

  7. Nicholas (Unlicenced Joker) Gray

    The line is harder to maintain than you would think! Some people have petite features their whole life- should they be forbidden from modelling? I am thinking of a beautiful Australian actress, Pia Miranda, who can, and does play teenage roles, though she could be a grandmother by now. So should she be censored, just because some people might lust after her young-looking figure?

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