On Friday, on the World Service, you might be able to hear a discussion between me and the CEO of the New Economic Foundation on what next for Britain after Brexit.

Depends how they edit it but it could be fun.

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  1. I checked the website, I assume it is New Economics Foundation. The staff seem to be very diverse, quite a few foreign names. I assume these people are not real economists, ie people who at least pretended to study statistics, calculus and econometrics. Their agenda seems to be “capitalism doesn’t work and climate change is real and a danger”. Fucking nutters and commies.

  2. …….yes but you can`t prove the moon isn’t made cheese , I mean how could you possibly tell from this distance and anyway the “Moon is made of rock” establishment are a viperous nest of anti cheesist extremists.
    A clear majority of the Bumble Bee nursery reception class voted that the moon was made of cheese and unless you are calling innocent children lying frauds you need to respect that ….
    ( continued page 94)

  3. I notice Miatta Fahnbulleh has a paper out supporting devolving more of the funding and policies for social care from centralised to local government. You could probably find more dirt on her where she’s supported devolution to the lowest practicable level. “The New Economics Foundation has long argued for decentralisation of the economic and financial system, as well as for the power of economic decision-making to flow from the bottom up rather than the top down.”, says her organisation’s web-site.
    I’m guessing she’s a EU membership supporter – I’d love to hear her asked why she thinks it’s intellectually consistent to support centralising to Brussels some portion of funding, policies and regulations around fisheries, land-owner hand-outs, regional support and convergence.

  4. Economics

    Scotland slides in ISEW well-being index
    You wouldn’t know this from reading the mainstream press, but it’s not just Scotland that has taken a slide down the economic and social well-being index. Oh no

    SNP are only concerned with Independence, they don’t give a damn about the well-being of the Scottish people

    Wales: a Labour run medieval fiefdom BBC etc ignore as Labour = good

    Blair’s Devolution hasn’t worked – no surprise there, he is a Labour Trot

    John Bercow whinges over peerage block

  5. Damned “Too fast” back and text gone
    Last line:
    imo Bercows campaigning, complaining and demands for a Lordship should rule him out as unsuitable

  6. Nigel Farage’s final speech to European Parliament cut short after he waves UK flag

    EU: Achtung, Ze Vill Obey FĂĽhrer Ursula’s Orders

    Far too many MEPs clapping “Obey, Obey, We Obey mein FĂĽhrer”

    Farage: “We Love Europe, we hate EU”
    Vice President Maired McG Irish bint (AlBeeb loves her) rebukes Farage for “hate speech: should not hate anyone, any country” clearly doesn’t know the difference between “we hate you” and “we hate EU” – the project – not anybody or country

  7. Isn’t it proof that devolution works? The electorate get what the votes for and the get it good and hard.

  8. “Nigel Farage’s final speech to European Parliament cut short after he waves UK flag”
    Plenty of remainers waving flags on scarves. Maybe the rules weren’t being applied consistently?

  9. SNP are only concerned with Independence, they don’t give a damn about the well-being of the Scottish people

    I’m not convinced that they really care about independence, except as a peg upon which to hang their power grab. In the (sadly) unlikely event that they ever gained independence, they’d be required to do the difficult stuff (at which they’re demonstrably incompetent), rather than spend all day whingeing about evil Sassenachs and replaying selections from Braveheart.

  10. NDR: That shows the essential differenceness between us and them. We couldn’t care a toss if somebody waves a flag we don’t like, shrug, that’s their business, silly tosser; but they *ban* waving flags they don’t like.

  11. @I sneeze in threes

    Devolution might work in non-tribal states. NI & Scotland aren’t, still very much Prod vs RC. Wales – don’t know


    Spot on

    Plus, Banning the little desk flags means nobody knows which country speaking MEP is from

    Verhofstat’s EU Empire – Sweden no more, EU regions of Skane etc

    Blair & Prescott tried it here and were told to Foxtrot Oscar, EU doesn’t accept No

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