Are there any useful attributes in this CV?

JustEducation Director

Alex is an educator and outreach worker with an MA in Social Justice and Education. She’s in the midst of working towards a PhD specialising in restorative justice and theories of peace and emotion in schools. She is particularly focused on conceptions of violence within the UK education system and is excited to bring her expertise to the curriculum and delivery of JustEducation.

BTW, I think they’re barking mad as an organisation but they seem to be doing it properly off charitable donations and as far as I can work out there’s only one full time and they’re not making a fortune for London, not at all. So, barking mad but the very best of British to them.

38 thoughts on “Are there any useful attributes in this CV?”

  1. “particularly focused on conceptions of violence”…

    ” conceptions of violence” ??????

    She spends her time imagining violence?

    Bizarre indeed.

  2. It’s definitely a thing. Like dark ages monks. Brilliant business model. No costs, infinite profit (guilt is thy name)

  3. Decent teeth, fair sized rack. Is there anything else we should be looking for?

    Decent teeth, fair sized rack. Could be pretty with a bit of slap. Is there anything else we should be considering?

  4. She sounds like a nightmare, who is doubtless able to discern oppression in homeopathic concentrations. Not evil in herself, but propagating evil doctrines. I’m afraid this is what you get when you ‘educate’ vast numbers of people beyond the level of their intelligence. She will have no idea of the historically observable consequences of her notions, and no understanding of how our concepts of freedom, equality or justice interact.

  5. Further down that list is their “creative director” ….. That one alone is enough warning in the “utterly bonkers” department…

  6. What I noticed was that the lady in question has very white skin.

    Don’t know if that makes her a racist for being so white, or me a racist for noticing her unbearable whiteness?

    (In case anyone gets confused — the above is sarcasm).

  7. She’s in the midst of working towards a PhD specialising in restorative justice and theories of peace and emotion in schools. She is particularly focused on conceptions of violence within the UK education system

    What a waste of a young, busty, life…

  8. Tim

    I’d be very surprised if they existed entirely free of taxpayers money, Tim. Looks very much like a sock puppet operation. As Ecks says, you don’t confront evil by appeasing it and this PC crap is very much evil….

  9. ‘specialising in restorative justice and theories of peace and emotion in schools. She is particularly focused on conceptions of violence within the UK education system’

    War is peace, love is hate, freedom is slavery.

  10. Clive Lewis on Sophy Ridge on Sunday [12/1/20] – “Everything in UK is Racism & Inequality”

    Brexit: Racist; Anti-Meghan: Racist; Labour Party: Sexist & Racist*; Blacks: scared of Racist Brexit – despite not being EU origin.

    GE 2019 didn’t happen

    * He missed anti-Semitic and anti-Christian

  11. Sunday Sarcasm and Solemnities

    World War III Cringe
    How would millennials react to an actual world war?

    Bongino blasts Dems critical of Soleimani strike: What team are you on?

    **** Steve Hilton: America first in the Middle East

    Ending on a humorous note
    Gutfeld on Ricky Gervais and the Golden Globes

  12. Security Minister Brandon Lewis on British Ambassador’s arrest in Iran

    Iran pulls a significant & provocative move like this to Britain. In response UK security minister calls for “de-escalating” 7 times in a 4min long interview!? Unbelievably spineless.

    Al-Beeb doesn’t seem bothered about this arrest (other than cheering it), but Iran has a serious situation here, no diplomatic agent may be detained or arrested once his identity has been established. If Iran do this what stops other country’s from doing the same to Iranian diplomats. (beside the fact that we are civilized) Lets hope Iran soon has another revolution and swings to a more western like country.

    A great Lesson into how Not to answer One single question. When are these obfuscating politicians going to be honest?
    #GE 2019 didn’t happen

  13. For all those (blokes) fixated on her tits, she’ll be the sort that identifies as non-binary and in a relationship with a gender neutral person (what started life as a female). Or to put it another way, she won’t like cock.

  14. @ Van_Patten

    Agreed on the sock puppet comment – this list of sponsors on their web site includes:

    Lambeth Council
    Lambeth Community Fund
    Dept. for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport
    University of London

    and other funding sourced from the state. So it’s not all willing charitable donations – we’re also forced to fund them as well with money extracted by menaces.

    As for not being well paid (for London or not), I don’t care if it’s £40k or £4 – anything is too much for these prats.

  15. Speaking of nice tits… I mean emancipated women in leadership roles I note the Leadership Director has an interesting pair… of interests. “Anti-gentrification” and “ a self-emancipatory, radical youth work paradigm”. The former means keeping shitty places to live as shitty places. The second means almost nothing.

    Nice rack (of opinions) Shame that the bleating of woke social justice platitudes means a meaningful relationship with any man is out of the question. I mean a man who doesn’t think white men are the cause of all ills, that immigrants are equally well justified in living here as they like painting and living off the taxpayer as much any other UK citizen, and that women are superior.

  16. Oh and Saba, Saba has an MBA from Wharton and eight years of management consultancy experience. She could have been earning $200k a year before she was 30 but decided that hanging out and trying to destroy western society was so much more valuable than working to improve businesses and by extension the utility that they provide to people to lead higher quality lives.

    This lot are subsidised by the state so those who decide to pay them can get warm feelings about themselves using OUR money. No wonder the country is buggered.

  17. Bloke in Germany in New Jersey

    It’s incredible how many of this species seem to be doctorands. And have the time to do other things around it.

  18. Something slightly odd. 2 employees and staff costs of £40k, OK sounds plausible. But they have about a dozen directors and trustees. Something is not bring declared, I suspect. You can’t do much with just 2 employees but, having skimmed through the deathless prose, I have no idea what they are even supposed to be doing or achieving. Perhaps that is sufficient achievement for them? A purpose which cannot be understood and therefore measured

  19. Mr Yan said:
    “this list of sponsors on their web site includes … Dept. for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport”

    And this is after nearly 10 years of “Conservative” government, most of them apparently under “austerity”.

  20. I’m all in favour of restorative justice. Make the criminals pay damages to their victims and send in the bailiffs to seize goods and chattels if they can’t or won’t pay up. Or is that not the sort of restorative justice we are discussing here?

  21. Diogenes

    “I have no idea what they are even supposed to be doing or achieving.”

    Nor me, but the two employees / loads of trustees, not unusual at all. For years I did the Review for something very similar (except one could read quite specifically exactly what excellent work they delivered and to whom), with volunteer trustees (and lots of other working volunteers), and no staff or governance cost whatsoever.

    Like a lot of small charities, every £ contributed gained several £s of benefit (the £ spent on something tangible, then leveraged by free volunteer work to make something substantially larger). And which is totally the opposite of pretty much any large charity, where most of your contributed £ gets spunked on fund raising (the cost to raise that £!) or other cost not actually in itself creating genuine charitable benefit.

  22. @ RichardT

    Yep, demonstrates that austerity isn’t a reality. Until we stop having “social” slush funds we are still being taken for too much cash. Foreign Aid (for Somali girl bands as opposed to projecting “soft power”) is in the same bracket.

  23. @Mr Yan, Andrew Again, Longrider


    Charities? Shelter

    “We are not an accommodation provider, nor are we a soup kitchen or provider of immediate food and clothing. Shelter advises, supports and represents the homeless and badly housed, and campaigns to change Government policy.”

    Campaigning against Government … who fund Half their £ 60 Million annual income – Dominic Cummings, are you reading this?

  24. But to answer the Tim Question at the top of the article…

    Yes, a couple of quite promising attributes, right there in the photo.

    She does look rather young and inexperienced to have any reliable ideas about anything complicated, though.

  25. If it’s Bristols we are meant to be looking at then the next one down “Darcey Williamson” will struggle to drown…. I see they also have an activist who defines as “they”.
    Can’t say I’m surprised

  26. Pcar

    “Campaigning against Government … who fund Half their £ 60 Million annual income – Dominic Cummings, are you reading this?”

    Eh..?? Page 50 (T/O – £137K); page 53 (Acc Policies – D: “No government grants”), page 56 (details of grants)?

    The quote – “We are not an accommodation provider” etc?

    OK, is this a different link (from Tim’s above)?

  27. The photo is only a shot of evil frozen in a smiling repose. As full of femi-crap as she likely is –the nature of the photo shows she is aware of her assets also.

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