Brexit’s such a bugger, eh?

The UK economy will outpace the struggling eurozone in the first two years after Brexit, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has predicted for the first time.

Britain also outpaced the monetary union in 2019, giving it three straight years of faster growth, according to the IMF’s latest forecasts.

Yes, yes, of course, the correct measure is how would the UK do without Brexit and how would it do with, not how is it doing relative to the foreigners.

But still, rather fun.

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  1. I heard that on the radio this morning and inwardly sighed …. at least you have the decency to admit it is irrelevant . It would be fairer if you published the various estimations of lost growth and the way they are arrived at .
    The method is to take comparable countries with the sample in various ways connected with past correlations with the UK economy and do a projection of UK growth from 2016 based on that
    Then you subtract the real growth and arrive at the billions thrown into the sea so soul malodorous old people can look out of their bungalows without having to see that Polish bloke going to work

    Great deal …. ooooo are those beans magic ?!!!

  2. Your EU mates are on an endless slide Facepaint. You can spew all the lying bullshit you like but there it is. Hell is their well-deserved destination–and you have more than earned yourself a de-luxe seat on their down-bound train.

    And Salvini is set for a comeback.

    Death to the EU and ALL its scummy friends and allies.

  3. This harping on about the infragrant elderly in single storey dwellings points to an uneasy relationship with pongy parents.

    Best kept to oneself, eh?

  4. Newmania

    Your infantile ageism is becoming rather tiresome so may I, in all sincerity, wish you a death long before your expected lifespan so you do not suffer the ignominy of becoming one of the malodorous, curtain-twitching, old bungalow-dwellers you so despise.

  5. I remember all my woke chums on Facebook 18 months ago gleefully posting the ECBs assessments of the 27 outpacing the UK on the GDP front. They tend to ignore the economic news these days. I wonder why.

  6. It should be remembered that forecasts are often wrong.
    I can’t see Germany or France growing much in the near future, too much dissent, too much regulation, too much greenery and wrapped in the Euro.

  7. “Just refresh the page Rhoda. It works for me”

    F5? Interesting – not for me, that just loses it? C&P into something, always before I post, is the only sure fire way.


  8. The trend of EU under-performing is likely to deepen. Germany’s business model is one of vendor financing and gross over-reliance on manufactured exports (especially cars). The coming global slowdown will hit Germany very hard.

  9. I notice it mentions a slowing of the Spanish economy. I have a pretty reliable window into the net disposable in the pockets of the Spanish working male & I’d reckon that slowing has been going on a year at least. Similar windows into other major European economies are showing a similar view. Although, Brussels as ever, remains buoyant…

  10. We were taken in (pun intended) on economic grounds. We are leaving for political reasons (I.e. we don’t want to be a providence of toytown Austria-Hungary).

    One suspects (cough, Euro) that the economic reasons for leaving will become rather more apparent in the next few years.

  11. Has anyone actually analysed the IMF’s forecasts and compared them to the actualite?

    Seems to me that good or bad they can be safely ignored

  12. What’s the opposite of “Project Fear”? Project Joy?

    Mind you, who on earth pays attention to forecasts by astrologers? Sorry, economists.

  13. We were taken in (pun intended) on economic grounds. We are leaving for political reasons (I.e. we don’t want to be a providence of toytown Austria-Hungary).

    This is myth .The political implications of this were strongly aired by Enoch Powell Tony Benn and the rest of your heroes natch and the Promise of an outright boost to the treasury on the bus was believed by 90% of leave voters .
    This is why we are obliged to allow the Nations debt to swell up to the 90s when it was schedule to peak at 80% that £200 nb n at least of additional borrowing to cover up the fact it was a lie in the first place

  14. By the way even now this is not popular

    Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union, or leave the European Union?

    47% remain
    43% leave

    Thats the last poll

  15. OMG

    Let’s have a confirmatory referendum, a people’s vote, three extra supreme courts, ask the Queen to adopt John Bercow as stand-in for Harry, revoke §50 and buy a Stannah Stairlift for newmie’s stinky parents.

  16. By the way even now this is not popular
    Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union, or leave the European Union?

    47% remain
    43% leave

    Thats the last poll

    For your own mental health, accept the result and drop this nonsense. All you are doing is making me laugh.

  17. Newmania is just as wrong all the time as Professor Potato. Before you spout off about the original entry into the EEC, do read some history there’s a good Violet Elizabeth.

    From the 1970 Conservative Party Manifesto:

    “If we can negotiate the right terms, we believe that it would be in the long-term interest of the British people for Britain to join the European Economic Community, and that it would make a major contribution to both the prosperity and the security of our country. The opportunities are immense. Economic growth and a higher standard of living would result from having a larger market.
    But we must also recognise the obstacles. There would be short-term disadvantages in Britain going into the European Economic Community which must be weighed against the long-term benefits. Obviously there is a price we would not be prepared to pay. Only when we negotiate will it be possible to determine whether the balance is a fair one, and in the interests of Britain.

    Our sole commitment is to negotiate; no more, no less. As the negotiations proceed we will report regularly through Parliament to the country.

    A Conservative Government would not be prepared to recommend to Parliament, nor would Members of Parliament approve, a settlement which was unequal or unfair. In making this judgement, Ministers and Members will listen to the views of their constituents and have in mind, as is natural and legitimate, primarily the effect of entry upon the standard of living of the individual citizens whom they represent.”

    There was no referendum put to the people when Britain entered the EEC in 1972. The referendum on continued membership was held in 1975 when the campaign centred on the issues of food, money and jobs. There was no mention of any political union or political co-operation, the debate was entirely economical.

    As to your latest Leave/Remain results, I think I must have missed that second referendum. *Checks Google and various news sites for mention of second referendum results. Nope not a sausage. Violet Elizabeth Newmania pulling figures out of his arse again.

  18. Thats the last poll

    The poll on the last day before the referendum had 55% remain, 45% leave. Not very accurate these polls.

  19. PJF – DT poll tracker had 2% remain lead with leave coming up fast due to the aggressive anti immigrant material released including much appalling rubbish on social media – wrong
    Henry – The Conservative Party leadership favoured entry but anti Europeans like Enoch Pwell and man y more were vocally opposed and warned of the constitutional dangers incessantly ( See Enoch Powell Stockport speech 1973 as one example ) – I am quoting Dominic Sandbrook the historian who specialises on the 70s – an expert –
    I have given the polling organisation ad the question is was about a week and a half ago –

  20. @Newmania

    The poll that mattered was for leave. Sorry luv, you can’t have another one (there have been two elections and a European “election” since but they don’t count I suppose).

    Of course, in 1973, we knew EXACTLY, the intention didn’t we. People believed grocer Heath who clearly stated that there would be no loss of sovereignty. Why, at that time, should we not have believed him?

    Were we naive and too trusting? Well we know now!

    Truth took us in, lies took us out. Well if you want to believe that, fill your boots.

    I hear the latest wheeze is to hang a big banner off the white cliffs with “we still love EU” (in English no doubt).

    I don’t know whether to laugh or laugh.

  21. One wonders if, in his dark nights of the soul, Newmania lies awake at night petrified that Brexit might turn out to be a rip-roaring success…………

  22. How many more times are you going to peddle the remain “majority” shite Facepaint?

    Even having your nose repeatedly rubbed in your own shite appears to have no effect on your evil and your unrelenting stupidity.

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