The Financial Conduct Authority has been slapped with a £2,000 fine from a fellow regulator after failing to provide enough detail in its staff pension plan report.

Even the regulators can’t keep up with the regulation. Obviously going to happen at some point, but will they now stop?

5 thoughts on “Carry on”

  1. No.

    Fresh regulation will be put in place to ensure compliance with previous regulation. This is what is meant by that hoary old shibboleth: “Lessons will be learned” – there is added complexity but no improvement.

    The blame shifts from the responsible party to a compliance unit whose purpose is to take the fall with no individual being answerable.

  2. @Tim W

    Yes, Laws now to complex and often contradictory. G Brown doubled pages of tax laws; fake Conservatives copying him


    ICO regularly fines police, DWP, councils, HMRC, NHS etc, but Never the individual(s) where blame/transgression lies

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