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Comment issue should be fixed

*After a bit of debugging the “you are posting too quickly” error should hopefully have been fixed.

*Have increased the width of the blog so the text area is bigger.

*Going to test out nested comments this weekend. If it becomes a pain we can deactivate them.

Please verify and let me know.


20 thoughts on “Comment issue should be fixed”

  1. Richard,

    That’s great but it looks like it’s created a fresh bug.

    Some daft “reply” type button now appears unnecessarily below each post. If people then click on it to reply, that then mucks up the sequencing of the various comments. I can see that becoming an enormous pain in the bottom if people start to accidentally use it?

    Any chance of getting rid…

    [ Ah, I can see you’ve updated the narrative above…. ]

  2. Yeah,

    Nested comments can be good to reply to individuals but can sometimes become a pain. I say lets try it for a few days and if its a pain in the arse we can just turn it off.

  3. Bloke in North Dorset

    Well done on fixing that bug. Having looked for similar problems I know how difficult it can be.

    Nested comments are a pain, you have to go through the whole thread every time you return in case there’s a reply somewhere that might be interesting. Its much easier to go to the bottom, look for the last comment remembered and read on from there.

    It would be much better to have the reply button copy and then paste inside blockquotes in the normal comment box.

    The reply button would also be less intrusive if it was bottom right.

  4. Im quite happy to turn them off.

    I’ve never understood having the comment box at the bottom of the page either. Most people just want to comment on the article and not reply to other comments so having to scroll to the bottom of the page can be annoying. Maybe its just me.

    I can also see the reverse if you want to read all the comments and have to go to the top..

  5. Personally, I prefer threaded comments, generally as it becomes easier to ignore or follow specific derails/tangents as the comments increase in number. So the boy Stross’ blog typically attracts comments in the hundreds per post, but isn’t threaded although they are numbered, so it’s a pain to return to a post after only a few hours. Guido (although it’s poxy disqus) is threaded and gets many hundreds of comments, so easier to discriminate between threads.

    This place rarely generates quite the same numbers on a frequent basis, so the issue rarely occurs, so I’m not that fussed either way.

  6. Bottom replies is a Worstall site invariant. I know other sites use threaded replies but this one has the Worstall style. Hence everyone up in arms about changes, however honourable the intent.

  7. Is it just me or are the comments much too wide now? I’m on a 4:3 screen, left column has disappeared and only right column remains.

  8. @BiG January 30, 2020 at 1:21 pm, @BiND January 30, 2020 at 2:28 pm

    +1 on nested = PITA


    All blogs I comment on are “Bottom replies” eg Tim N, LR, OOL, AP, BH

  9. I see the auto-fill on name and email is back, if selected. Been gone a couple of years.

    It’s nice to have, but it is causing me to change behaviors – back to what I used to do.

    So riddle me this, Batman: Who is Richard? Tim’s new ward?

  10. Richard,

    This upvote/downvote thingamabob; what’s the intention here? Reason for asking (and sorry Steve) – I don’t appear to be unable to undo or net-off an action here; but I can repeat the action on a different device. How is this handling user sessions? There could be a bit of a hole here.

  11. @Ducky

    The up / down vote was setup to use cookie tracking but i have just modified it to use both cookie and IP tracking. This will allow you to vote once and only on one device as long as you are on the same network. If you switch to mobile data people will be able to vote twice.

    Its just supposed to be a bit of fun and be indicative of how people feel about comments.

  12. @Richard

    Thumbs / Ticks / Votes

    Bin please, too many wasted empty lines in each thread post. Really annoying on a small screen

  13. @Pcar


    It was deactivated as the default wordpress settings “pulled” the feed with every page view – including those on feeds.

    The strain on the CT server as massive, to the tune of 200,000 hits a day.

    I will reactivate it when i can implement a way of caching results as not to pull new articles on every page load.

    ETA 3 days.


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