Don’t think this is true you know

Our happy ignorance had a lot to do with the victories of feminism. Germany’s women’s movement started in the 1970s with the fight against section 218 of the country’s criminal code, which punished abortions with jail sentences of up to 10 years – for both the woman and the doctor. That’s why it was such a big thing when 374 film stars and other famous women declared “We’ve had abortions” on the cover of Stern magazine in 1971. Because the law didn’t mean fewer terminations; only more women dying of abortion by coathanger. Women like my great-grandmother. I am yet to meet a German person who does not have a section 218 victim in the extended family.

Willing to agree that legal abortion will lead to fewer dying of coathangers. Can’t see it possibly being true that legal abortion leads to no more abortions tho’. That’s most certainly not the experience here, is it?

And the idea that every German family – however extended – has someone who died from an illegal abortion is absurd. The overall death rate of all women of reproductive age from all causes isn’t high enough for every family to have a victim is it?

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  1. The way to exaggerate the effect of historical illegal abortions on the death rate is to make sure to gather most of your data for the period before antibiotics were readily available.

    I’m not anti-abortion myself but I an anti-lying.

  2. Basically abortion is used as a form of contraception now. Can’t be bothered with the pill, or use a condom or take the morning after pill then hoover out a potential human being.

    Before any feminazis decry this as the statement of a member of the patriarchy, why is it that between 24% and 51% of women have had a previous abortion? If it’s a rare and highly stressful thing, then why do some many go through it a second time?


    Poor stupid women who don’t know better? Not the image that strong, clever, independent wimmen like to portray is it?

  3. If your circle are all leftist scum with the attendant “morals” of said scum them every “family” –see Ricky Fucking Tomlinson–might well have consulted amateur child-killers in the absence of professional ones.

  4. There seems to be a large group in the US which is actually enthusiastically pro-abortion. They vote Democrat even though their policy probably leads to a long term reduction in the number of Democrat voters. Mysterious.

  5. If you define “extended family” as everyone of German ancestry ….
    Otherwise it’s ridiculous – there are large areas of Germany that are majority Roman Catholic

  6. I bet these days its hard to find an extended German family that doesn’t have a Repeal-of-Section-218 victim in it.

  7. @dearieme January 14, 2020 at 10:10 am

    Plus one. NYC Democrats pink fireworks celebration when post birth ‘abortion’ legalised there


    Spot on

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