Err, yes?

DP World to add fourth berth at Gateway with end of Brexit impasse is over

Just wondering what that headline actually means?

Ports operator DP World is poised to expand its vast London Gateway container terminal in Essex now that political uncertainty is in the rear-view mirror, its chief ­executive said.

The firm is poised to award a major contract to build at least one new container shipping berth, Sultan Ahmed bin Sulayem said – adding to the three existing ones at the Thurrock site, which has capacity for six.

OK, we can work it out,m but still……

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  1. One of the fun hobbies Brexit has brought our way is spotting shit non-stories blatantly planted by Brexit propagandists. Brexit uncertainty is not over , investment is a in a desperate state and growth has already suffered considerably . Furthermore we are headed straight back to No Deal and whatever Brexit is or is not is not going to emerge for a long time yet despite having thrown away the key and the end of Jan.
    This seems to be one of them but its far form the funniest. My favourite was the revelation t hat Pharmaceuticals mega beast GSK has invested “Millions” in it London HQ. This was reported about once a week during the post referendum recession ( averted by borrowing and B of E action).
    To GSK . millions is a few paper clips. I would bea that ti si n not and willr in mind you smug triumphalist wankers , this is not over . Only takes an Opposition to coalesce promising re-enry to the single market and your loony tunes attempt to drag us back to the dark ages will be over

    10 years roughly

  2. Translation of Violet Elizabeth Newmania’s comment:

    Waaah! Waaah! Waaah! Waaah! Waaah! Waaah! Waaah! Waaah! Waaah!
    *stamps her little feet*
    Waaah! Waaah! Waaah! Waaah! Waaah! Waaah! Waaah! Waaah! Waaah!
    *stamps her little feet*
    We lost
    Waaah! Waaah! Waaah! Waaah! Waaah! Waaah! Waaah! Waaah! Waaah!
    *stamps her little feet*

  3. Its amusing that the very foot dragging that the Remainiacs indulged in for over 3 years has resulted in Boris having a massive boost of investment that that merely been waiting for some certainty to go ahead. Every project that didn’t really care whether Brexit went ahead or not, but didn’t want to jump while the politicians were playing silly buggers, is now full steam ahead, and all on Boris’s watch, so he and Brexit will get the plaudits, regardless of whether they are deserved.

    Its highly amusing, as is the fact that we’d not have Boris and Brexit if it wasn’t for Gina Miller, so maybe Boris should give her a gong, he owes everything to her. It strikes me that Boris is lucky, and we all know the saying about lucky generals……..

  4. Perhaps the intern lifted it from ‘Containers Monthly’ or whatever the trade journal is. And without sub-editors…

  5. @Newmania

    I see that you recollection is as terrible as your ability to understand economics.

    The immediate post-Brexit story about GSK was £275 million on manufacturing in the UK. Not a few million nor on their HQ.

    AstraZeneca were spending £500 million on a new Cambridge HQ due to be completed post the referendum – and the number of stories about AZ freezing UK investment until Brexit clairty was achieved dwarfs the positive GSK stories.

    There was no recession. Mainly because the forecast for an immediate recession was bunk. The rate cut helped, as did the fall in sterling, but really no one with a brain believed an insta-recession was possible (again an example of remainer gullibility/delusion on a par with leavers believing that there will be a fiscal windfall from Brexit.)

  6. I would bea that ti si n not and willr in mind you smug triumphalist wankers

    Is it the maternal miasma or papa’s pong doing this to you?

  7. TMB I suspect that Newmy was using a dictaphone and those sounds were what it heard during N’s latest application of tongue to Sooty’s haemorrhoidal passageway. Sooty being the boss at the BoE

  8. Like I’ve often said, I reckon Newmonia’s a troll, in the internet sense. He’s just provided you with two thread diversions to head off on. However Titania McGrath he’s not.

  9. Come to think of it, it’s difficult to ignore the possibility some of the Guardian contributors mightn’t be of the same species. It’s hard to believe people could be that ludicrous unintentionally.

  10. Is it ironic posting Remain propaganda to complain about Independence propaganda?

    All the just making TW comments section look livelier and more interesting bringing more clicks.

    Is that you posting as Newmania Tim?

  11. re: BiS
    Tatania McGrath requires quite a bit of effort on Andrew Doyle’s part to pull off. He’s seriously thinking about retiring that persona as it’s harder and harder to maintain the shock effect when the real life twitterati are more insane than that.

  12. It was amusing that the wokies were so slow to realise that the slanging match between Jarvis Dupont and Lawrence #runwiththefox was just a joke

  13. Surprisingly, to me, large changes in one year

    2018 Port Tonnes million
    1 Grimsby and Immingham 55.6
    2 London 53.2
    3 Southampton 34.5
    4 Liverpool/Mersey-side 32.6
    5 Milford Haven 30.9
    6 Tees and Hartlepool 28.8
    7 Felixstowe 28.2
    8 Forth Ports 26.6
    9 Dover 24.9
    10 Belfast 18.9

    2017 Port Tonnes million
    1 Immingham 54.0
    2 London 49.9
    3 Southampton 34.5
    4 Liverpooll/Mersey-side 32.5
    5 Milford Haven 32.0
    6 Felixstowe 29.0
    7 Tees and Hartlepool 28.4
    8 Forth Ports 27.5
    9 Dover 26.2
    10 Belfast 18.2


  14. @Diogenes

    +1 Dover is insignificant vs rest of top 10; furthermore rest of UK Major Ports is 138m tonnes, x5 Dover tonnage

    There was no need for Grayling’s “New Port & Ferries” idiocy which cost >£100million. Grayling the sacrificial lamb for May & Hammond’s project fear?

    Hardman in DM exposed this “Dover Lie” years ago and before “Grayling Plan”

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