Facts, so patriarchal

In an open letter published just 22 days after their World Cup triumph, USSF President Carlos Cordeiro outlined the women’s pay structure as compared to the men’s. In a poorly veiled attempt to get the public onside, he hid behind numbers

Tsk eh, I mean tsk.

Anyone care to give us the 100% pronouncement? I’ve seen it claimed both ways, either side getting paid more. So, who?

12 thoughts on “Facts, so patriarchal”

  1. Dennis, Soccer Hooligan

    Given that the finest female footballers in the world could not successfully compete with your average English League Two team, it would appear they are, if anything, overpaid.

  2. Bloke in Costa Rica

    A halfway-decent U-16 boys’ team would hand the US Women’s team such a savage thrashing that it would immediately be memory-holed (this actually happened).

  3. Given how much the women’s team captain had been mouthing off about it I’d say he had little choice but to publish the numbers.
    I find it hard to imagine any male player treating his national team organisation with such disrespect and getting away with, let alone the political grandstanding when the men are fined for wearing T-shirt’s with slogans if they show them during a goal celebration by lifting their jersey.
    I’ve no doubt she’s sharing the sponsorship money she’s received with the rest of the squad of course, be terrible to think that different people on the team earn different money.

  4. The higher women’s football/soccer pay goes the more M-F TS/TVs will join the teams. Won’t make much difference as most are ugly dykes now.

  5. Shhh! Don’t tell the ladies this, but rather few Americans give a tinker’s damn about soccer, regardless of which of the 51 genders is on the field. Soccer is mostly one of those games for pre-pubescent school-girls where no-one keeps score.

    The exception is the audience from South of the Border, both the legal and illegal kinds, who grew up with soccer and have not yet tuned in to football, baseball, basketball. TV stations quite like to broadcast European (male) soccer games as a cheap filler when they expect the audience numbers to be low anyway. All things considered, it is surprising that women soccer players get anything more than a goodie-bag for playing.

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