Har, Har, Har

A little jokule in the obituary:

In 2013 Acorah, whose cars included a Triumph sports car and a Jaguar, was banned from driving for 28 months after crashing one of them, possibly under the influence of spirits.

Oh, tee, hee, eh?

And, of course, this had to be said:

Despite his psychic gifts Acorah, a compulsive smoker who kept various cats and dogs and wore a red-and-gold ring, was as vulnerable to mishaps as any other entertainer. On one occasion in 2013 he was forced to cancel a show in Dunfermline on his Eternal Spirits tour because of what the theatre described as “unforeseen circumstances”. As one annoyed fan told The Sunday People: “You would think he would have seen it coming.”

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  1. @Ian

    Boom, boom

    Problem is Gov’t now bends over backwards to do what pycics tell them to do to prevent extermination

    Climate Emergency Project Fear – Manipulating & Making News to Scare Public

    I had the privilege last month of hearing Jo Chandler (above), former environment writer for The Age, describing how she’s pursued her craft of writing about global warming. Whoops, she gave the whole game away! I’ve not previously heard a journalist disclose media people’s behind-the-news-desk strategies to boost the alarmist narrative….

    Rather TL;DR

    Scroll down to “Then came Chandler’s big reveal – though who she refers to as “we” is enigmatic:”

    Exactly what BBC does – everything includes a “man bad for climate” message

    Back in 2012, The Australian published an article warning that by 2020 there would be hardly any snow in Australia due to the “catastrophic effects” of climate change. According to Professor Katherine Pickering, from the Griffith School of Environment:

    “We’ve predicted by 2020 to lose something like 60 per cent of the snow cover of the Australian Alps.”

    Well, that sure didn’t age well (For more of Professor Pickering’s prophecies from 2012, see the video clip at the foot of this article)

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