Having £500? Being human?

From our ever popular series Guardian headlines we can answer:

What’s the minimum specification for someone buying a PC?

11 thoughts on “Having £500? Being human?”

  1. I’ve never actually used one, but isn’t a Chromebook ideal for this kind of thing? Or if you need a desktop, a Chromebox? I’d be reluctant to foist Windows upon a novice user with no support.

  2. Have seen a PC late last year for £250.
    No idea why you would want to spend £500 on one. Some sort of high end gaming machine?

  3. Bearing in mind what they want the PC to do, a Raspberry Pi for £45 would be more than adequate. Add £15 for a k/b & rodent & plug it into your TV. Leave you with 440 quid to spend down the pub.

  4. Refurb Dell, 4Gb ram, 160 hard disc, old dual core chip so a bit slow by modern standards. Keyboard, mouse and 17″ screen, genuine Win 10. £75, Amazon. (Wack an Linux distro on for a bit of speed and its a serviceable machine.). I have one for backups and as an emergency box.

  5. What’s the minimum specification for someone buying a PC?

    Common sense and the desire & ability to learn new things without complaining, plus sufficient cash.

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