Hillary Clinton’s influence upon politics

Jan 21, 2020:

“He was in Congress for years. He had one senator support him. Nobody likes him, nobody wants to work with him, he got nothing done,” Clinton says in the film, according to The Hollywood Reporter. “He was a career politician. It’s all just baloney and I feel so bad that people got sucked into it.”

Jan 22 2020:

Sanders surges in new nationwide CNN poll

21 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton’s influence upon politics”

  1. Off topic….

    “Steven Liddell says:


    Off-topic but you must have been delighted with the news that Prem Sikka is to be rewarded for his lifetime’s work on countering tax avoidance by being named on Labour’s dissolution honours list.

    I appreciate that you being a Quaker with their Testimony to Equality and Simplicity you won’t go in for vainglorious titles but I’m sure Prem will enjoy making good use of his time in the House of Lords.

    Richard Murphy says:

    Prem and I have spoken and I have offered him my congratulations”

    Through gritted teeth, I’ll bet.

  2. “I hope Tulsi has 24/7 private not Fed close protection”

    Why doesn’t she protect herself? She was in the military, and served in a combat zone.

    Oh, she’s a Democrat. They insist personal protection be outsourced. You can’t have a gun, but the people you hire can. If you can’t afford anyone, learn to code.

  3. Dennis, Former Blogger to the Gods

    All she’s done is remind everyone that she had screwed Bernie out of the nomination via control of the DNC and use of “at-large” delegates.

    As I said yesterday, the Democratic Party establishment is getting panicky.

  4. It was amusing how they claimed unfairness in the election as she had more votes and it was just the nasty electoral college rules that allowed Trump to win when she’d pulled the rug from under the more popular Bernie using the central DNC bloc voting rules.
    There was also the arrogance that all his supporters would automatically switch to her once she’d knifed him in the back.

  5. Tulsi Gabbard: ‘Everybody knows’ Hillary Clinton is a ‘war-monger’
    Don’t forget “Embodiment of Corruption and Personification of Rot” in addition to “Queen of Warmongers”
    We all know that Hellary Clinton doesn’t mind killing people she disagrees with – watch out Tulsi

    Rep. Dan Crenshaw says Obama-era officials are obsessed with defending their appeasement of Iran

    Why would anyone believe Susan Rice…she lied about Benghazi and not only once but multiple occasions to protect BO…who was an appeaser & failure. Only strict inspections were Iran dictating what sites could be inspected

    The day Reagan became president, Iran released the hostages

    CNN settles $275M lawsuit with Covington student Nick Sandmann
    The actors that called for him to be harassed should be sued as well. Cathy Griffin for one

  6. @Tim W

    Did you miss UK vs USA Tax War?

    Mad UK Gov’t pressing ahead with turnover tax. Many here supported ex-banker Javid being chancellor – any regrets?

    FT Front Page Today

    US Threatens Tariffs If Johnston Implements £500m Big Tech Tax
    The UK and US were on a collision course over digital tax after Washington threatened retaliatory tariffs if the British government did not back down on plans to impose the levy from April.

    A spokesperson for prime minister Boris Johnson said the British government, which is set to start talks with Washington over a post-Brexit trade deal next month, would go ahead with plans to introduce the new tax. The US claims the levy unfairly discriminates against technology companies including Google and Amazon.

    “We have consulted extensively on our digital services tax and have sought to design it in a proportionate way,” the spokesperson said.

    The UK’s stance contrasted with that of France which this week appeared to have struck a compromise with the US over plans by Paris to introduce a similar tax. Washington has threatened to place tariffs on $2.4bn of French goods such as wine as early as this month if Paris did not back down.

    Steven Mnuchin, the US Treasury secretary, warned in Davos that plans by other European countries, including the UK and Italy, would have serious repercussions if they did not back down.

    “They’ll find themselves faced with President Trump’s tariffs. We’ll be having similar conversations with them,” he said.

    The UK government has repeatedly said it would introduce such a tax in April. It hopes this will raise almost £500m a year and has included the revenues in public finance projections.

    It comes as Mr Johnson’s new government prepares to start trade negotiations with Washington next month after the UK has left the EU in the hope of securing a fast-track deal.

    Mr Trump made an oblique reference to further trade wars to threaten other countries in his appearance at the World Economic Forum in Davos. Speaking about his phase one trade deal with China, which left tariffs in place but ended the escalation of the trade war, he said: “These achievements would not have been possible without the implementation of tariffs, which we had to use. We’ll be using them on others too.”

    The UK has drafted the legislation for the tax which will be levied at 2 per cent of revenues from UK users for companies that have more than £500m in digital revenues worldwide and over £25m from UK activities.

    My bold. It’s lunacy, tax due even if firm makes a loss

  7. Too fast shite again Tim–kindly get your IT character to do something will you please.

    If Killery wants to have Bernie’s head kicked in it would still be a public service. A turd who hires Gulag admirers and Soviet murder fans to his personal staff merits an end of the kind his heros dished out to 150 million others..

    If she could get caught –after the event–and spend the rest of her life in jail that would be a win all round.

  8. @Pcar

    Try telling leftards that if we tax non-UK resident companies just because they sell things in the UK we’ll be faced with UK companies paying taxes all over the world and they just go blank. They genuinely think it can we done on an all win no lose basis. Morons.

  9. “They’ll find themselves faced with President Trump’s tariffs”

    No, *AMERICANS* will find themselves faced with President Trump’s tarrifs. Who do they bloody think pays inport tarrrifs? ***IMPORTEWRS*******.

  10. No, *AMERICANS* will find themselves faced with President Trump’s tarrifs. Who do they bloody think pays inport tarrrifs? ***IMPORTEWRS*******.

    That depends on whether there are alternatives from non-tarrifed countries, does it not?

  11. @jgh

    You don’t think Big Tech will add >2% to price/seller fees to cover this? We, UK Consumers, will pay twice: higher prices and fewer exports to USA. 20% of UK Exports go to USA



  12. This is the best case of projection I’ve ever seen.

    Well you have to compare it to:

    Trump is a Russian Agent
    Trump is hanging around with Epstein

    etc etc

    The easiest way to know what crimes the lefties have committed is to listen to what they accuse you of.

    Pure Alinsky.

  13. “I hope Tulsi has 24/7 private not Fed close protection”

    Yes, because it would classic Arkancide for Tulsi to be “accidentally” shot in the head 15 times by her Secret Service bodyguard while “cleaning his gun”.

    As for Killary, she seems to be blissfully unaware that her pronouncements on any subject lead to a massive rise in popularity for whomever / whatever she is condemning. It’s pretty similar to what we call in the UK the “Tony Blair effect” (especially in his denouncements of BRExit)

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