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While some elements in this shocking case are particular to Cyprus, it highlights a culture of disbelief towards victims that is almost universal. That distrust expresses itself in different ways, depending on the jurisdiction, and it appears that the investigation in Ayia Napa was flawed from the outset. In the UK, victims often complain about the length of time a rape inquiry takes, but the Cypriot investigation was over in just 12 days. How can a thorough investigation into an alleged rape with multiple perpetrators be carried out in such a short space of time?

Lengthy investigations are bad. Swift ones are bad.

Could we be seeing a personality type emerging here?

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  1. Not a brilliant blueprint for a functioning justice system, Joan. Believe them when they are a victim and believe them when they are a suspect.

  2. ‘Joan Smith is chair of the Mayor of London’s Violence Against Women and Girls Board’

    Are they for it or against it?

    Smith is a hyperventilating creep.

    ‘While some elements in this shocking case are particular to Cyprus, it highlights a culture of disbelief towards victims that is almost universal.’

    No true Scotsman.

  3. Bloke in North Dorset

    IIRC she only complained when it emerged the she was being videod. Presumably said video showed that she was a willing participant and once seen by the police & prosecutors it would bring any investigation to an end, no matter how long it had been running.

    But lets not worry about details known to prosecutors, lets sit in an office and virtue signal, far more productive for a political career on the left and an agenda to maintain.

  4. I may have led a very sheltered life in my younger days. But I cannot recall, 30 years ago, stories of 19 year-old women in orgies. Trying to reimagine life then, it seems inconceivable. I mean, I dare say it happened. But nowadays it seems to be as routine as shopping for make-up.

  5. Aw pet, she withdrew the allegation. That means she no longer contends that she was raped.

    That means her bedmates ain’t gonna get prosecuted for there is no chance of a conviction. It could even be the existence of said videos that resulted in the (ahem) withdrawal. For they could presumably comprehensively disprove the rape hypothesis, and someone charged with rape would be happy to use them as evidence, even if it got them convicted on some lesser charge of violation of privacy, and so on.

    Gentlemen: perhaps we should insist on videotaping all our sexual encounters, for our own self-preservaton!

  6. The mother who is now demanding everyone boycott the island when they pick their holiday would have done better to instill some decorum in her daughter.

    There’s a lot of talk about ‘toxic masculinity’ in this case, but none about the toxic culture of getting hog-whimperingly drunk in a nightclub and copping off with anyone that catches your eye. I wonder why?

  7. Notice the consistant twisting of language.
    a) she wasn’t a victim, she was an accuser, she would only be a victim if an investigation found her accusation to be true
    b) the investigation found that she wasn’t a victim.

  8. Bloke in North Dorset


    I first served in Cyprus from ’76 to ’79 when Aya Napa was just a small fishing cove with a nice cafe, Fog Tree Bay was just 2 large cafes. The plan then, as I understood it, was to try to become a high end tourist destination. Not easy with so many refugee camps.

    I went back from ’86 to ’88 and was based at Troodos, by then Aya Napa had already earned a reputation as Blackpool in the sun and I stayed well clear. The plan, then, was to keep Paphos as the high end destination and that was the end we used.

    We took our son back in ’98 to show him where he’d been born and lived. By then Paphos was going down the tubes. My final visit was 2008, and that just confirmed the descent in to low end tourism across the whole island, but it had also been mixed with Russian money that made the cities not very nice places either. I haven’t been back since then.

    My mate who retired there after marrying a half-Cypriot woman (who didn’t want to live there) is now desperate to come back, but is too busy looking after elderly in-laws.

    Its hard to see it ever becoming that idyllic island it wants to be and I don’t envisage ever going back, even though I have fond memories – or maybe because I have fond memories.

  9. How can a thorough investigation into an alleged rape with multiple perpetrators be carried out in such a short space of time?

    The police were shown a video of the proceedings?

    Different countries may take differing views on what constitutes ‘rape’ (also age of consent etc.) Anyone who doubts this can ask Julian Assange.

  10. @BiND


    Sara Vine (Mrs Gove) wrote similar Guardian article in today’s DM

    She also opined that Dulwich & Winchester were correct to refuse £1million scholarship donation for “poor white boys” donor benefited from such a scholarship

    Janet Street-Porter in today’s DM said Dulwich & Winchester were wrong

    Well done Janet & Frank

    @Mr Lud

    Me neither

    Remember that Brit girl that gave 10 guys blow-jobs for free drinks in Spanish nightclub

  11. Bloke in Costa Rica

    One of the accused blokes had a timestamped selfie of him and his girlfriend in bed at the time this all allegedly went down. That’s not going to help the complainant’s case.

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