How interesting is this?

Fewer than 4 per cent of offences investigated by police in a crime-ridden area of north-east London end up in court, it has been disclosed.

Statistics show that last year 1,094 crimes were investigated in Stoke Newington – an area on the Scotland Yard map that is made up of about 30 streets.

Just 45 offenders were dealt with in court in the same period, equivalent to just 3.37 per cent of the offences under investigation.

Note that that’s not convictions, that’s just those prosecuted in court. Which is an even worse number that the rape ones, right?

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  1. Were 40 of those offenders up in court for Tweeting about child immigrants with beards & rapey rape Pakistani men, 4 for dead naming trannys and 1 for trying to mug and off duty copper?

    So none for any crime plods service users actually care about?

  2. You forget that rape allegations are different, because the accused is always guilty so the conviction rate ought to be 100%.

  3. How many of the 45 were up on multiple charges though? They might have done all 1,094 crimes between them

  4. You’re looking at the wrong figure, Tim. This is investigated crimes. That’s a mere 36 a year per street/year. Crime free paradise territory. My relatively short N. London street had 93 reported crimes in a single month. And that wasn’t the month with the fatal, door step, stabbing in it. Although the police may possibly have bothered to investigate that one.* Mostly, reporting a crime is an utter waste of time. So you don’t. The percentage of crimes resulting in a prosecution is indistinguishable from zero.

    *Although not very hard. Poor woman was bleeding out in her front garden when I may have walked past headed for work but…. You’d have thought they might have done a door-to-door?

    Conversation at front desk of a London police station near you.
    “Hey, Sarge. This woman’s come in to report a rape”
    “Öh, take her details if you must. Give her a crime number. What’s she want? A prize?”

  5. Yep, would be interested to know the reported crime numbers for Stoke Newington. Bearing in mind the woman pictured had to really have a go a the police to get them to investigate a mugging when a citizen had already done all their fucking work for them.

    Her boy’s story of mugging is nothing unique either. I hear a lot of stories about how gangs of enriching ethnicity terrorise teenagers. A mate’s son and his friends (nice middle class lad, no malice but also no fight in him) got threatened by some black lads on Oxford Street before Christmas, flashing knives and trying to hustle them into a side street. My mate’s son and his chums took refuge in a shop and waited until the others got bored.

    There must be hundreds of incidents like that every month and 99% unreported.

  6. It was a long time ago but my memory is that Enoch Powell predicted that black immigration would prove a disaster but he had higher hopes for Indians. He’d served in India during The War – WKPD gives a good, short account. I don’t know whether he had felt differently about Hindu and Moslem/Pakistani immigrants.

  7. To be fair, what are police going to do? People get mugged, how are you going to find the mugger? If they’ve got a hoodie on, CCTV isn’t going to help. There’s probably ways of tracing the CCTV back to a house, or some level of Sherlock Holmes detective work, but it’s not going to get done, even if you multiply police numbers by 5.

    And all of this really comes down to incentives. Yeah, I think the police are quite shit (they’re government, so goes without saying). but why doesn’t Japan have a similar crime problem? Maybe because they don’t incentivise breeding bastards. 2.3% of children are born to unmarried mothers in Japan because there’s no welfare state giving you a free house. It’s more like 25% here. And if there’s a father around, he can stop a teenage boy, in a way that a mother just can’t.

    It’s why Japan has massive levels of vending machines. You can put a machine on a street and some little bastard won’t just smash the thing up.


    Before Idi Amin chucked them out in 1972, Uganda’s Indian population contributed 90% of the nation’s tax receipts.

    Following the exodus, the Ugandan economy slumped, clearly they were not able to capitalise on the Indian businesses and property they seized. Indians were allowed back in 1986 and now contribute 65% of tax receipts.

  9. Great sympathy for your son’s experience, MC. But it says something that this could happen in London’s premier shopping street. Can’t imagine the same in Paris or Madrid. Bunch of black youths on the Champs Elysees would have the police on their case just for being there, before they’d actually done anything. But the streets of London are effectively unpoliced. The ones you see on foot are just going through the motions. If you ever see any out of their cars. The Met does “response policing”. & making a nuisance of itself.

  10. I don’t really blame the Old Bill for this, I blame the courts. How many recidivist knife criminals could South Georgia hold? 100,000? Say five to a shipping container – let’s not be inhumane. No need for prison officers, we can airdrop food now and then. Ten years for your first offence, life on SG for your second.

  11. Bloke in North Dorset


    “To be fair, what are police going to do? ”

    Patrol the streets rather than sitting behind computer screens, stuffing donuts in to their mouths no doubt, whilst they search for wrong think on Twatter for starters.

  12. ” but why doesn’t Japan have a similar crime problem? ”
    Because Japan’s ethnically almost totally Japanese. London’s majority immigrants.
    Sit on a bus in inner London, listen to a bunch of white lads. Odds on, what they’ll be talking is a variety of Jamaican patois with some Paki english thrown in. Caribbean/African descended kids comprise maybe 10% of the school age demographic? Yet the culture of the entire demographic is 50% Kingston. The attitudes of the blacks have dominated,.permeated & almost taken over. It’s adapt to survive. The blacks usually stick together & back each other up. The only groups contest them are the Asians. The white kids are on their own.
    Is it surprising? They’ve been told to respect black & Asian culture. Blacks & Asians have been told to celebrate their own cultures. White kids are supposed to be ashamed of theirs. And those cultures aren’t just calypso, African drumming & ramadan. All the violence & lawlessness of third world shitholes came in the package.

  13. @BoM4 “To be fair, what are police going to do? ”
    BiND “Patrol the streets…”

    Back in the happy safe 80s I was living in Camden Town with a French girl. She decided she preferred Paris, so we up sticks & moved. First night out clubbing in Central Paris, we’re heading home in the early hours & I’m looking for a taxi. Even in the 80s, no bloke in his right mind would walk an attractive girl in disco clobber out the West End the two miles up to Camden. The chances of running into grief were just too high. But she said it’s only a couple of klicks out to the 16th, nice night … So we walked. As we subsequently did, regularly. Nary a problem. But something I noticed. The amount of police on Paris streets in the wee hours. You never seemed to be out of sight of one for more than short distances. And something I discovered later, visiting friends out past Versailles. The RER trains service Paris’ satellite towns don’t run much past midnight. The troublesome banlieues are cut off from public transport, most of the night.
    That was then. Personally, I wouldn’t fancy the chances of two blokes hiking up Hampstead Road in the night. these days. Or much of London. You’re on your own out there. Although they might send a car to measure up the blood stains & put some tape up

  14. why doesn’t Japan have a similar crime problem?

    Close to zero immigration, as BiS points out. But also a culture* which is still hugely deferential to all types of authority. The average Japanese bloke (women don’t really figure over there) would literally rather die than criticise his boss.

    And then there’s the Yakuza running things – most crime is organised crime.

    * Not unique to Japan – prevalent across much of East Asia.

  15. @BiS
    I don’t know when your Paris story was, but these days Paris has plenty of no-go areas for police (national and local). Some friends were in a tour group transiting from GdNord to GdLyon on the RER (it was a ‘carless’ day) this year, when they were ‘steamed’ by a large mob of black kids, literally ripping handbags and even suitcases from people’s hands. No cops to be seen, of course (I rarely see any above ground in Gare du Nord, even though there’s a large cop-shop attached).

  16. @Chris Miller
    Like I said, that was the 80s. When I’m up north, my city’s Lille now. Lille’s pretty well behaved. Last time I was in Paris was a couple years ago. Oddly enough, picking up someone at Gare du Nord. Seem to have been plenty of cops around that day. Friends who live there tell me it has got worse & there always were areas the wise stayed away from. But most big cities have them

  17. Ahhh. Thx.

    “Because Japan’s ethnically almost totally Japanese.”

    No diversity, and everything is going well? WTF?

    I pointed to Japan when this diversity crap started three decades ago. No one was interested . . . didn’t fit their agenda.

  18. @BoM4

    Agree with @BiND & @bis

    Police are supposed to Prevent crime, sitting in an office/car, watching CCTV etc until crime committed/reported does not prevent crime

    Plods on beat means baddies always looking over their shoulders. 1,000 plod after crime may achieve a prosecution, but victim still burgled, robbed, raped, dead..

    Plod know their presence can deter/prevent crime – hence plod at demos, footie, escorting MPs etc

    In addition, UK plod ignore “broken window” crime eg bicycle with no lights or reflectors – sends message “Plod don’t care if law broken”

  19. The police are directed by statute, many many statutes, to manage social issues not crime. Social issues need lots of paperwork and no patrolling. Social issues are created by unmarried parents producing and raising bastard children badly for free government stuff.

    You want the police on the streets, get rid of social work and welfare.

    The courts literally can’t process more prosecutions and jails aren’t being built for more prisoners anyway.

    When every scally got turned over between 2005 and 2014 UN Blair’s dodgy terror laws, crime dropped like a stone and police had to patrol. Theresa the Appeaser along with David Lammy, Diane Abbot et al curtailed stop search and now black people die by the hands of other black people in record number……. Shrug.

  20. @Itellyounothing

    Most of what police do is what their Chief Constable order them to do and individual plods picking easy tasks

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