How very fun

Trivial, sure, but very fun all the same:

‘Earth sandwich’: two men, two slices of bread and 12,724km of filling
Men in New Zealand and Spain calculated longitude and latitude to perfectly align both slices

One slice of bread either side, Earth sandwich, obviously.

16 thoughts on “How very fun”

  1. It was pretty lame and boring tbh, maybe in the early days of social media a ‘story’ like this would be worth of acknowledgement, now loads of people do eccentric stuff and this was pretty boring and lame.

  2. To be pedantic, when I RTFA, it looks like they didn’t allow for the oblateness of the Earth. They appear to have used geographic latitude when they should have used geocentric latitude to get the connecting line through the centre of the Earth. Of course the Graun have no understanding of maths or science, so they may have misunderstood that critical detail. To be even more pedantic, the Earth is more bumpy than that so to be accurate to the size of a sandwich slice is a tall order, even with all the right spherical harmonic coefficients.

  3. I see emotionally challenged St Greta is no demanding not net zero CO2 but zero CO2.

    Hello stone age (except they lit fires to keep warm).

  4. @John B

    As a special needs, care in the community case who bunks off school, she won’t know the difference.

    ps Are you in fact a sloop?

  5. Mr B, stop it*, or I’ll have to reconsider my supercilious assumptions about Germans and ze senze of humour*.

    *Not really.

    ** Also, um, not really.

  6. @Andrew C

    Before or after her hissy-fit when she stomped out of Trump’s Davos speech?

    Has she stopped breathing? That would be good, no more journos flying to Sweden to interview her

  7. Are we to abandon the northern climes and higher elevations unless we revert to ‘traditional’ ways of life
    Do love the mental dissonance a snowflake leftie environut faces when they have to deal with First Nations hunting seals and whales claiming (quite fairly) it’s their traditional right as it was how they survived before.

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