I did like this

From George Monbiot:

But because only part of a plant can be eaten, while the bacterial flour is mangetout,

Very good that.

OK, very good at a “tee hee” level but very good all the same.

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  1. Let’s see whether the human digestive system can handle it first. We don’t want a massive scale FODMAP problem affecting us, do we?

  2. If, as the company intends, the water used in the process (which is much less than required by farming) is electrolysed with solar power, the best places to build these plants will be deserts.

    Because of the abundance of water in deserts?

  3. Is there an actual problem with the food we have had for millennia? A real problem, not one from George’s fevered imagination?

  4. “Because of the abundance of water in deserts?”
    Well, gathering the water for electrolysis is likely to be easier than gathering the energy for it, even in a desert. However, water will be a big ingredient in the pap that will be produced, so that’s a bigger issue. Has to be much, much less wasteful than irrigation usually is, though.

  5. Solar Foods isn’t the company formerly known as Soylent Industries, is it? Some of this sounds awfully familiar…

  6. Browsing down some of Captain P’s recent posts, the thought occurs that his mind has melted. If, for example, he truly believes that accountants will save the world or that climate is the most important issue in accountancy then he must be clinically insane

  7. Diogenes,

    If, for example, he truly believes that accountants will save the world

    When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. See also: central bankers claiming to solve the climate crisis.

  8. Its weird isn’t it that the very same people who are telling us that the possibility of an Impending Climate Catastrophe means that the Precautionary Principle is paramount and we must do everything however difficult and disrupting to off set even the smallest chance of it coming to pass are also the same people now telling us we must stop eating the things we evolved to eat over millenia, and start eating a soup of various chemicals concocted in a lab.

  9. +1 Jim

    And they are the kind of people who are usually against nasty chemicals and want us to go organic

  10. Bloke in North Dorset

    Why hasn’t it been labelled Frankenfood by the left or Greenpeace? They tend to be against every other type of scientific changing of food, witnessed by their opposition to Golden Rice, which actually protects children from blindness and other GM crops?

  11. Monbiot’s seriously stupid, isn’t he?
    After 12,000 years of feeding humankind, all farming except fruit and veg production is likely to be replaced by ferming: brewing microbes through precision fermentation. This means multiplying particular micro-organisms, to produce particular products, in factories.I know some people will be horrified by this prospect. I can see some drawbacks. But I believe it comes in the nick of time.
    For probably the first time in human history there isn’t a food shortage. The world produces more food than it needs. It has a food distribution problem to a few relatively small areas which is rapidly being solved. So he’s addressing a problem already solved.
    The Climate Change aspect is purest bollocks. It’s not going to make the slightest difference whether crops are grown on land or it’s allowed to go wild. It’s the same amount of sunlight, driving the same amount of photosynthesis converting the same amount of CO² into plant mass. Although rather less carbon sequestration will result, long term, because crop farming is the fastest way of locking carbon away in carbon rich soils.

  12. Moonbat plugging his C4 programme (yesterday) advocating killing all farm animals and compulsory veganism – not watched

    https://tpb.party/torrent/35570976/Ch4_Apocalypse_Cow_720p_x264_AAC_HDTV -MVGroup, 1GB


  13. @TMB


    Plus the abundance of manufacturing requiring leccy in deserts /sarc and the Real abundance of cheap oil & gas

    Like all Lefties: numbers and logic replaced by dreams and communism


    John D says: You need a Youtube channel

    Richard Murphy says:

    It needs time and partners

    I do not know them…



    +1 It’s “stop eating what God/nature grows & provides, instead let it rot and and use energy to make artificial food” – bonkers

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