I’ll tell you what’s wrong with this novel

So, new novel out. Oprah book club etc. ‘But Mexicans and violence and – and it’s wrong, d’ye see?

Gurba says the most frustrating part about the attention around American Dirt and the large advance Cummins received is the scant attention Chicano narratives, written by Chicano people, receive. “The machine that is supporting this book is dystopian in nature. Meanwhile, I have published three books through indie presses and have not made more than $5,000 on them. That gives you a sense of what value is being ascribed to authentic voices.”

It’s selling more than my books.

Jealousy is, of course, very human but it’s not all that attractive, is it?

2 thoughts on “I’ll tell you what’s wrong with this novel”

  1. All the intersectional bullshit about ‘lived experience’ and ‘appropriation’ boils down to: “Wah! I should have had that attention/money etc etc…”

    OT – in the article, the first quote (via twatter naturally) comes from someone called Celeste Ng, whose twatter handle is ‘@pronounced_ing’, which is odd, because it isn’t pronounced ‘ing’. Or at least not by any of the Chinese people I’ve met called Ng.

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