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The mark is awarded by the company Fair Tax Mark Limited, a not-for-profit community benefit society, incorporated 18 February 2014, company number IP032308.[6] The Tax Justice Network assisted in raising initial funding, and it is supported by a number of other organisations[7] including the Public and Commercial Services Union.[8] Before the present company was formed, an “earlier incarnation” undertook a pilot study in June 2013.

Very impressive:

The number of Fair Tax certified businesses passed the ’50’ milestone in March,

Under one punter a month since foundation….

7 thoughts on “Impressive”

  1. Bit unfair really, as in these times of global warming and excessive consumption all economic activity needs to slow down for the benefit of Gaia.

    An organisation with a glacial rate of growth should be a cause for celebration

  2. Dennis, He Who Wants You To Show Your Work

    Given how ignorant and obnoxious Richard Murphy is, it’s easy to forget that he is – first and foremost – ineffectual.

  3. “Under one punter a month since foundation….”
    How many businesses are created each month, and how many fail?

  4. Spud opines…..”From soon after IR35 rules for limited companies came into play from 1999 onwards there have been attempts to get around those rules. A common one was for a company (‘the employer’) to make a payment to an offshore trust which in turn lent fund to the person they engaged (‘the employee’)”

    The man really is a tax moron.

    EBT loans and their variants have absolutely NOTHING to do with IR35.

    IR35 is an anti-avoidance measure aimed at countering so-called ‘false self-employment” using a personal service company.

    EBT loan arrangements were about low tax income extraction from companies.

    They are utterly separate issues.

  5. Bloke in Costa Rica

    Given that the first and last fiduciary responsibility of a corporate officer is to increase or at least maintain shareholder value, I would find that any firm that had so arranged its tax affairs as to attract a Potato Stamp of Approval had been given the mark of Cain and was not a sound investment.

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