Installed SSL Certificate

Today we had a little downtime to install an SSL Certificate and make some server upgrades.

If you have any difficulty please clear your browser cache.



18 thoughts on “Installed SSL Certificate”

  1. Yup

    The internet gods just told me you are after my data and money. Not trustworthy. But I came anyway

  2. Works on iPad & MacOS (Safari & Firefox.)

    Won’t work on Windows 10 (Edge & Firefox). Cache’s have been cleared.

  3. Interesting, typing in “” gives a certificate error on Mac & Win10. Mac allows me to go onto the site if I accept the certificate, Win10 gives “Site not found” after accepting the cert.

  4. p.s. It’s a DreamHost “Site not found” error I’m getting in Win10. Both on Win10 & Firefox. gives the maintenance mode message, so it’s switching over to SSL that’s causing my issue.

    Https site gives me a certificate error:-

    ” Your PC doesn’t trust this website’s security certificate.
    The hostname in the website’s security certificate differs from the website you are trying to visit.


  5. Got an error clicking your home page link at Mark Worstall’s but not when clicking the most recent story link. Having done so I clicked on “Home” at the top of that page, and it loaded fine. I clear my PC’s cache each night before shutting down, so that shouldn’t be the cause.

    Using Win 7 & Palemoon as my browser.

  6. Qasem Soleimani: Stampede kills 50 mourners at burial in Iran

    It’s what he would have wanted.
    Too soon?

  7. @Chris, not at all. More so as they’re burying a hand

    Soleimani – MSM/Left

    Soleimani evil, no-tears, deserved it… BUT…

    No pre BUT from Starmer on C4 News: refuses to call him a terrorist, despite UN having deemed him a terrorist some time ago – “RoPs vote for me”. Remember that next time Starmer/Labour trot out “UN say…”

    Gutfeld: Trump is sending a clear message that he means what he says

    Echoing what I posted on DM’s Glover

    Situation flapping regarding Iran

  8. So, now it’s working. Something in the cache (that I cleared) must have expired. Still requires the www in from to for it to work though.

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