Is this a new and specialist form of movie?

Comedian Celeste Barber raises £15m in three days for firefighters tackling Australian firefighters

5 thoughts on “Is this a new and specialist form of movie?”

  1. Good article by Matt Ridley

    We’ve just had the best decade in human history. Seriously
    Little of this made the news, because good news is no news

    Let nobody tell you that the second decade of the 21st century has been a bad time. We are living through the greatest improvement in human living standards in history. Extreme poverty has fallen below 10 per cent of the world’s population for the first time. It was 60 per cent when I was born.

    That is to say: our population and economy would grow, but we’d learn how to reduce what we take from the planet. And so it has proved. An MIT scientist, Andrew McAfee, recently documented this in a book called More from Less, showing how some nations are beginning to use less stuff: less metal, less water, less land. Not just in proportion to productivity: less stuff overall.

    A modern irony is that many green policies advocated now would actually reverse the trend towards using less stuff.

    Technology has put us on a path to a cleaner, greener planet. We don’t need to veer off in a new direction. If we do, we risk retarding progress.

    Mr Worstall should read and learn : Go Greenie Woke, go stony broke

  2. I have read the Ridley piece. At which point a small story. Over the weekend I emailed Matt. I needed to check something I knew he’d written, just to be able to refer to where he had for a piece of work I’m doing. It was about how the wilder predictions simply cannot be true. Because we’ve already done stuff to head them off at the pass. Because he’s helpful etc he told me where he had. And added the point that as he’d got the point from me……

    Sure, I do still learn things by reading Ridley but it’s not entirely a one way traffic…..

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