Isn’t this fun?

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have issued a legal warning over paparazzi photographs of Meghan and Archie in Canada, complaining that they are being “stalked” following their split from the Royal family, causing them “considerable distress”.

Within hours of Prince Harry joining his wife and son on Vancouver Island for a more “peaceful” life, the couple’s lawyers Schillings sent out a strongly worded letter claiming that the images had been taken by paparazzi who had been “hiding in the bushes and spying”.

Those who would live by celebrity are complaining about it.

20 thoughts on “Isn’t this fun?”

  1. Sensible move. The market is oversaturated, and there’s a real risk of Megxit fatigue. They need to throttle the supply and keep the public wanting more.

    Ideally they’d control the supply entirely, and release only their own version of events; but that’s a tall order for (ex) royals.

  2. they were rarely pursued by paparazzi photographers due to a longstanding agreement between the palace and newspaper editors not to publish any intrusive images following the death of Diana, Princess of Wales.

    Now no longer members of the royal family, nor subject to the royal rota system which provides the UK media with lawfully obtained imagery – the couple are effectively being treated as ‘celebrities’ in North America – which one paparazzo told the Telegraph was “like the wild west compared to Britain”.

    You may not be able to hear my tiny violin over the laughter….

  3. @MC


    Whatever you think of the monarchy (and despite the behaviour of some of its minors) it does have a cachet – please don’t choke – and a certain dignity that engenders some degree of restraint in even the most grizzled hack.

    Now they are fully fledged “slebs” – trade Mark’s and all – they are, as the saying goes, anyones for a babycham (sorry showing my age).

    Wonder how long that brand will retain any value.

  4. Two products here. One is pictures of dewy brides, broad-chested ex-soldiers, and their bouncing babies. The other is of ordinary people who have cellulite, pick their noses, and look like slack-jawed morons when not posing.

    There is a very lucrative market for both products. Trouble is, they are incompatible.

  5. Mark,

    There’s also quid pro quo with the old system. The monarchy lets the press tag along, they get some photoshoots and pretty much leave them alone otherwise.

    They’ve removed the incentives for the press to play nice with them.

  6. As with their doomed action against the MoS, this latest threat is not so much designed to allow them to live quietly, away from the media spotlight.

    On the contrary it is meant to enhance their flourishing victim status in the eyes of the young and woke to whom they wish most to appeal.

    The ultimate flaw in their marketing strategy, though, is that while they are strong on promotion the product and its potential for brand extension have not been properly assessed: the product is increasingly trashy.

  7. Almost feel sorry for the poor chump.

    He has cut himself off from his family and is now stuck with a gob-working feminist creature who has already destroyed his life and will –after the inevitable divorce–leave the poor fool looking for a job unless his old crew take pity on him.

    I hope the 5 (?) second odd squirts were worth all the aggro.

  8. Re Jim.

    No youre not. I predict Harry will be blubbing in his lawyers offices inside 12 months.

    Theres nothing so nauseating as marrying into the royal family and then trying to monetise your victimhood.

  9. @Jim

    I think you’d be hard pressed to find anybody with an ounce of critical faculty who believes it WILL last.

  10. @Mark: I realise that, I was one of the ‘This is going to end in divorce’ brigade from the start. But before all this came out I gave them 5 years, 7 tops, then when the split to Canada was made public I dropped that to 3 years. The way things of going I can’t see much more than 18 months now. I can’t see who is going to want to shell out $$$ to personally associate with them, especially now the HRH bit has gone, and they won’t be hob-nobbing with HMQ and the rest of the royals either. And what business is going to want to use them to sell stuff, other than the most appalling tat? What have they got that they can sell? A kiss and tell ‘The Queen is nasty and racist’ book? That might do some trade but its hardly a long term survival plan. I see a point a few months down the line when money is haemorrhaging out and nothing is coming in. Especially is a recession hits, which is due. I think the Megs’n’Harry Woke Express is going to hit the buffers of reality rather quickly now.

  11. ‘The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have issued a legal warning’

    Christ on a Bike.

    Dude and Dudette . . . you ain’t royalty any more. YOU DON’T GET TO ISSUE LEGAL WARNINGS!

    ‘couple’s lawyers Schillings sent out a strongly worded letter’

    K. Maybe it’s just the Telegraph’s writers have the intellect of a Stanley Park totem pole.

  12. The UK Press have a voluntary code (Post-Dianna) not to ‘paparazzi’ Royals particularly not the kids.

    Canadian/USA Press don’t.

    They were driven out of the UK because of the beastly behaviour of the UK Press… chuckle.

  13. @Jim

    I don’t think you were alone but the speed has been quite breathtaking.

    Shrivelled quicker than testicles during an icy early morning dip!

    Can’t imagine paddy power would give very good odds

  14. How about a completely un-staged photo of the brave Duchess saddened by the unfairness of all this media attention. Something with, say, the Taj Mahal in the background.

  15. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have issued a legal warning to the media objecting to the publication of photos of Meghan walking with baby Archie

    In a public park and privacy demanded? ROFL
    Note to Harry: MEghan Wants publicity – wake up

    Ha, ha. You were told this would happen as UK press respects privacy way more than US & Can

    “Here to serve {Meghan}”, “Years of challenges” — they’ve been married less than two years

  16. Still waiting for the Kardashian-like video on Pay-per-View:
    “Megan & Harry Put the Sex in Sussex”.
    All depends on when they need the money.

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