Lots of headaches about

Half of British women ‘have poor sexual health’



The computer models generated two extra categories for women. The first was predominately characterised by having a “low interest” in sex – the most common form of sexual dysfunction in women – and comprised 29% of women surveyed.

That’s what giving up on colonialism has done to us. No point in lying back and thinking of England any more, is there?

12 thoughts on “Lots of headaches about”

  1. So if a woman, say, isn’t interested in group sex with 12 men on her holliday she has “poor sexual health” and is a bit of a weirdo?

  2. “If it’s 29%, is it a dysfunction or just how things are?”
    I think it’s 29% with a low appetite and are unhappy about it. There are presumably many others with a low appetite and don’t care at all, and I think they aren’t even part of the 100%, if the survey was only counting those with a problem?

  3. “he team then used computer models to explore whether various problems clustered together”. So it’s a cluster analysis. Computer says we have a lot of answers like this that might be interesting, common sense says, nothing to see here, ‘not interested’ is just a category, not a problem.

  4. I’m reminded of the ‘erectile dysfunction’ joke, doctor says…”I’ve never seen this condition in a single man!’.

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