Maybe reality TV has gone a little far?

On a job site, looking for peeps to write about reality TV shows:

Sister Wives
My 600-lb Life
Real Housewives (all of them)
Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant
The Voice
Alaskan Bush People
American Idol
Say Yes to the Dress
Married to Medicine
Southern Charm
Jersey Shore
Siesta Key
Are You The One?
I am Jazz
Little Women
Hot & Heavy
My Big Fat Fabulous Life
Love & Hip Hop (all of them)
Vanderpump Rules
Shahs of Sunset
Flipping Out
The Masked Singer
Little People, Big World
Paranormal shows (Ghost Adventures, Kindred Spirits etc)
Dancing With the Stars
Temptation Island
Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen
Siesta Key
Growing Up Hip Hop
Marriage Boot Camp

Thassa a lotta cheap TB….

15 thoughts on “Maybe reality TV has gone a little far?”

  1. Alaskan Bush People (I saw a couple of episodes when in the US for business in 2015) was perhaps worth watching on the strength of one episode which laid the case for money being essential: the title family were trying to lay a chain of barter together for building materials they required including everything from manual labour to DVD rental. Just having cash makes life so much easier 🙂

  2. has it, though? People are still watching it.

    The thing is, it’s really cheap. The sets are cheap. The cast are often free. Maybe a couple of presenters. The big money thing is the writers and editors (and the good ones are well paid, but not mega bucks). Turning 10s of hours of footage into drama is a real art.

    All those actors and sports people who do Strictly Come Dancing do it for charidee, but the money’s in the endorsements, after dinner speaking and opening supermarkets for a few months. It’s a much more efficient model than most TV where not only do people get paid to present a show, but off the back of that, get to be household names and to flog books and do voiceovers.

  3. I don’t watch telly but something called My 600-lb Life could lure me back.

    In my imagination it’s mud-wrestling between Diane Abbott and Emily Thorndurian but it will probably be about boastful anglers.

  4. Bloke in North Dorset

    If they can’t get access to the scripts then a decent speech-to-text program and a bit of AI trained on previous program scripts and reviews and they should be able to churn out all the boiler plate reviews they’d ever need.

  5. I expect reality TV to mushroom, like the b3llend of an infected c0ck.

    It’s catering to smaller and smaller client groups every year.

    There is no Love Island or Bachelor/Bachelorette for [email protected] for example

  6. Bravefart there are constant rumblings of a gay version of the Batchelor and the last season love island type spinoff (batchelor in paradise) had a same sex couple.
    My wife watches Batchelor, it’s one of her zone out after a 12 hour shift faves, and it is truly trashy, but can’t argue its very well done and produced and they have really built the ‘Batchelor nation’ brand. She showed me a t-shirt they had, slogan was “On Monday’s I drink wine, eat chocolate and watch women cry in limousines” which seems to sum up the show perfectly.

  7. @TMB

    ROFL – given show above I’d read it as “My 600-lb Wife”

    @Mr Womby

    C4 is relentlessly promoting their new show on ‘Would You Regrow Your Bush’

  8. Confession: I’ve watched some ‘Reality’

    BBC Castaway(?) – Ben Fogle discovered
    Big Brother S01
    One ep of Made in Essex
    C4 Eden (car-crash)

    Question: Are history eg BBC’s “Back In Time To…” reality or docu or docu-drama?

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