‘N’ Snippa c’n bugger off ‘n’all

Not quite how Mark Carney puts it but what he means:

The Bank of England should not print money to finance a green revolution, radical social change or any other political schemes, Mark Carney has warned.

10 thoughts on “‘N’ Snippa c’n bugger off ‘n’all”

  1. “Mr Carney will become the UN’s special envoy on climate change once he leaves Threadneedle Street.”
    So what’s the personal financial implications of that gig, for Mr Carney?

  2. Carney is being sensible, whatever his personal views on climate change. He might be a Remoaner but he’s not barking like the Green New Deal boosters.

  3. Perfectly willing to credit Carney with being sensible. It’s what his agenda is, other than the Mark Carney looking-after-number-one industry

  4. Stopped clock etc.

    He should be punished for his remainiac treason. Were I PM I would see Carnie his days as a double-glazing salesman .

  5. Spud is outdoing himself with pompous bumptiousness on his site with a blog putting himself at the top of the accounting profession as a ‘conceptualiser’, rare in number and more qualified than mere accountants and FDs.

    He’s writing an autobiographical ‘Diary of a nobody’ for the 21st century.

  6. Isn’t “conceptualiser”a flash word for sperm donor? One can see why he might have the qualifications…

  7. BiS, I suspect Muffin the Mule Carney is doing his usual double speak. Almost all his tenure at BoE has been totally political – all that project fear wankery, all those speeches warning of stranded assets and the evils of coal.

    He is not known as “the unreliable boyfriend” for nothing. Whenever he says he will do something, he does the opposite. He gets the kudos for what he says and the media are way to thick to realise that he has not done what said.

    Once he is receiving coin from the UN, he will be banging the drum for central banks to hose out the money for greenery, having already made headlines for his wisdom and prudence in urging them not to do so

  8. In other words, look at what happened to that other special envoy of note, Tony Blair. Lots of money to trouser and zero results

  9. Bloke in North Dorset

    Slightly OT

    It looks like Spud has a serious challenger in the self delusion, fawning fans (sock-puppets?) and Dunning Kruger stakes, and probably many others. Comical Barry [Gardner] has been told he should run for leadership of the Labour Party because he would win a general election.

    I know he had to go and bat for a losing side but he really was hopeless.

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