No, these people don’t have editors any more

The measurement problems has plagued theoretical physics for nearly 100 years


4 thoughts on “No, these people don’t have editors any more”

  1. A beautiful example of “explaining Mathematics in a language evolved to point to the nearest ripe fruit tree” being forced to copulate with “The fact that it’s possible in Mathematics may or may not have any bearing on what is relevant to Reality™. ”

    Dunno why they’re harping on about the “Observer” bit though.. That concept has always been about the fact that any form of interaction collapses the quantum state, including us poking it. Doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen without our meddling, just that it happens as well.

  2. Not obvious what’s so new about this – it follows David Deutsch’s explanation of the multiverse in his book The Fabric of Reality.

  3. You assume the editor’s knowledge of English is any better than that of the columnist. Since they both are products of the same education, education, education system, that seems unlikely.

  4. Bloke in Costa Rica

    I plump for some version of many worlds, personally, but of course working physicists don’t all swan around going, “Hullo clouds, hullo sky. Whither the Copenhagen interpretation?” but just get on with it.

    The one thing up with which I absolutely will not put is people a) getting the measurement problem mixed up with the observer effect and b) getting either of them mixed up with the Uncertainty Principle. Some pop-sci tomes I have read have found themselves briefly airborne en route to the bin for this.

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