No, this doesn’t work

The Bank of England could face a legal challenge from vegans over its use of animal fats in banknotes, lawyers warned after a landmark ruling on Friday.

An employment judge found that holding a sincere belief in “ethical veganism” should be given the same legal protection under the Equality Act as that given to Christians, Jews and Muslims.

Because both Jews and Muslims would already be against the use of pig fat (also, Hindus beef) and they are protected philosophical beliefs and yet they don’t give rise to grounds to sue the BoE.


24 thoughts on “No, this doesn’t work”

  1. Or maybe the persons of peace are just less crazy than the vegans so haven’t got sufficiently upset to sue.

  2. When it comes to not harming animals by having a totally plant based diet, presumably bugs don’t count. There is no way that the necessary quantities of plant food could be grown without pesticides. I would be surprised if animal products weren’t used in the manufacture of clothing too. Once you take your veganism to total extremes I suspect that life will become impossible.

  3. Ethical vegans should never eat anything pollinated by an animal.

    If they were serious they wouldn’t even last as long as those religious sects that banned sex entirely.

  4. Hasn’t this lark been tried before ( and failed somewhat spectacularly…) ?

    I get a strong sense of Deja-Vue here..

  5. Isn’t “ethical” veganism simply Jainism without the faff of sweeping the ground before walking on it?

  6. There is no way that the necessary quantities of plant food could be grown without pesticides.

    Or shooting huge numbers of bunnies and pigeons.

  7. Dear Mr Worstall

    Presumably these nice people who wouldn’t hurt a fly’s feelings will now be suing every street front eatery for permitting the smell of frying bacon/chicken/pork/beef/fish/’meat’/cheese/alsation to infiltrate their lungs with its deliciousness.


  8. Easy-tell the silly sods to go without the dosh. Ethical problem solved and an early demise of vegans. What’s not to like?

  9. I like ethical vegans, they are like Christians who preach about Leviticus while working on a Saturday.
    Easy to spot them acting like hypocrites.

  10. It was an employment tribunal ruling, not a legal ruling in a Court. It does not create legal precedent.

  11. Dennis, Septic to the Masses

    Actually, what you woggies have set yourselves up for is for possibility of Muslims arguing that Western banking should be abolished altogether, as it violates their protect philosophical belief that interest earned and paid is immoral and therefore cannot be allowed to exist.

    Good job, boys and girls.

  12. Dennis, the horrifying thing is that Jeremy Corbyn, or Pocahontas, might do just that and succeed.. In the USA anything could be decided in DC courts

  13. @ Martin
    The purpose of the Sabbath was to set aside one day in the week for worshipping God, so as long as they eschew money-generating activities on a Sunday (and don’t ask Jews to work on a Saturday) I don’t have a problem with them. I do have a problem with vegans who bomb a fish-and-chip shop.

  14. John B, if the Employment Appeal Tribunal is called upon tp uphold it, and does, it’ll be good law in the Employment Tribunal and may well be persuasive elsewhere.

  15. As for Tom’s basic point, it may just be that no one’s yet litigated the point.

    You’d be amazed how much sneaks by because no one takes up the cudgel, or the bloke with the cudgel runs out of money.

  16. The Main Street banks offer sharia banking options for muslim clients so don’t think they’d get far suing

  17. Dennis, your suggestion is so idiotic that I’m astonished that it hasn’t happened already. Perhaps next Thursday?

  18. Dennis, He Of Seven Working Brain Cells

    Boganboy –

    These days “doubling down on stupid” is largely indistinguishable from mainstream thought in educated circles.

  19. But presumably vegans are the same kind of people who would like to abolish cashmoney anyway.

    So they can fuck off.

  20. @Jack the dog

    Cash? They want to abolish post AD human life and go back to worshipping Food, Sun, Moon, Rain, Warm, Cold, Fire, Tree, Sex…. gods

    An aggressive, dictatorial, intolerant, pacifist vegan on TV

    Hey Vegan, plants are alive, move & communicate; why is killing and eating them permitted?

    Ex Veggie for six years “I suffered health problems”
    Vegan “That’s anecdotal” – well, just about; more like empirical; even NHS say most vegans will need GP help

    “Don’t kill and eat animals” = cows, sheep, pigs, chickens, turkeys in zoos only or extinct

    Poor choice of opponent – deliberate?

    As Vegan now piled into AGW – Another poor choice:
    Caller should have turned it round and asked bullying O’Brien to name ‘scientists’ who support AGW/ACC – small “s” as most are social science degree or BA

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