Not sure about this you know?

Companies who fail to pay the minimum wage should be punished more harshly in an effort to crack down on low pay, a new report recommends.

I’m sure there are people out there who simply don’t pay it at all. But the sort of cases we see in the papers are about people miscalculating the effects of uniform rules and who buys them, that sort of thing. Increasing the penalties is probably less effective here than making the rules clearer.

Of course, if people really, really, aren’t paying it then that’s a signal of how badly it is biting, how too high it is, isn’t it?

4 thoughts on “Not sure about this you know?”

  1. Classic socialist construct. Our ideas don’t allow for real world effects so we will impose them because we know best. The best thing about democracy is that it is a solution to totalitarian tendency of socialists.

  2. This will of course apply to Labour MPs, NGOs and the Guardian employing interns for nothing, right? I mean, the Guardian is no longer a Trust but a company, so are liable.

  3. And presumably doing any kind of unpaid work, like looking after the neighbour’s cats, is modern slavery?

    Does anyone know?

  4. “Companies who fail to pay the minimum wage …”

    All companies must employ at least one person at the minimum wage?

    Yeah, okay, but I would not like to bet against that being the demand at some point.

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