The government has distanced itself from Dominic Cummings’ call for job applications as he was accused of “subverting due process”.

On Thursday the Prime Minister’s chief adviser posted a 3,000-word job advert on his blog, inviting “true wild cards” and “weirdos and misfits” to work for Downing Street and the civil service.

Last night senior cross-party MPs, trade unions and employment industry bodies raised concerns about potential breaches of equality and data protection laws.

Can’t have someone just gaily employing who they want to now, can we?

16 thoughts on “Obviously”

  1. Since when do “senior cross-party MPs, trade unions and employment industry bodies” constitute the government?

  2. “senior cross-party MPs, trade unions and employment industry bodies”: that’s such a mouthful – it needs a short form. How about “twats”?

  3. The BlueLabourGraph does not approve.

    Who cares..

    Except that if it should be a sign that Blojo is going back to bad old ways it might be bad news.

    I remember how quickly Camoron dropped his few good ideas after 2010–the Great Repeal Act, men accused of sex “crimes” being anon until and unless convicted.

    Johnson will flop unless he has a lot more spine than Camoron.

  4. subverting due process? Well, yes. That’s how you get things done in government and large organisations.

    The trick here is that you use your gmail account and startup-style communication network to have some quiet beers with the people you like, all unofficially, then you create a requirement that then requires a job ad, built around that candidate. Then, you tell your candidate to apply for the job and how to get passed the HR filters (it helps to find a former HR person to do this).

    Been there, done that, bought the T-shirt. But it’s why I can’t stand government and large bureaucracies. Smaller places of < 400 staff give power to managers. I know I've been hired in such places because someone working there knew me and told the manager I was a good guy. Can't do that easily in government.

  5. As a wild card and misfit I wouldn’t want to work in Downing Street.
    Bit of a commute and I have enough trouble getting to Birmingham.

  6. Everyone who works in Government is a misfit otherwise they would be in the competitive, private, wealth creating sector but lack the marketable skills… and that includes stacking shelves and certainly nothing as complex as serving hamburgers.

  7. @ John B
    Nah! They fit in – that’s why a bureaucracy hires them (apart from the fact that they fill up one of HR’s quotas for one-legged Irishwomen). A lot of them were brainwashed in their youth to believe that government is good and does good things for people [so are shocked and horrified by Trump assassinating some guy he dislikes while in a neutral country (I am not shocked, merely disgusted)].
    Some of them are actually pretty good, but a chain is only as strong as its weakest link which is one reason why small is beautiful.

  8. The comment by some idiot at 1141am in yesterday’s thread on job offers bears up remarkably well all these hours later, ahem.

  9. If they want oddballs, weirdos and misfits, can’t they just clone Cummings? Denizens of prisons, crazy cat ladies and serving members of ISIS come to mind.

  10. Soleimani:
    Why was a high level guy personally supervising a low level action in the field? Because he thought he was safe because the Americans were weak and stupid. Won’t make that mistake again.

  11. Cummings:
    Political pantomime. He’s taking on the bureaucracy at it’s own game and cannot win.

    Meanwhile there is a glaring open goal waiting to be exploited. Education vouchers. It cripples the Department for Indoctrination, and because Muslims will be in favour of their own schools, sets Labour’s supporters against each other. Who to betray? The teachers or the Muslims? The fact that vouchers would be good for the country is almost a side effect.

  12. Roue le Jour

    Education and “vouchers”. Spot on. It’s got to happen, one way or another or we’re finished, so might as well get on with it asap.

    You could almost then shut the “DFI” down. A few clerks to distribute the vouchers and balance the books, and maybe a few intelligence operatives seconded to respond to particular “threats” as you allude… Or just merge it into “Home”.

  13. Education vouchers have been proposed for, AFAIK, nearly 30 years.

    I’m not holding my breath for their introduction.

    Chaps, if in six months’ time we’re not having a conversation about the astonishing surprise that the Tories with their crushing majority intend to change nothing of substance, I shall be… Mr Ecks.

  14. @Roué le Jour


    I’ve supported School Vouchers and profit making schools as in Sweden for decades. Gove should have done it, instead he banned for-profit state academies

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