Oxbridge row as report reveals diversity drive will hit ‘middle class’ students

If the middle class currently benefit then changes to benefit others will reduce the middle class benefit.

Seems logically obvious really.

8 thoughts on “Obviously”

  1. “Since neither university is planning a major expansion in student numbers…”

    Can’t possibly have more of a good thing, can we now?

  2. Expect to see an increase in Grievance Studies courses, so that quota students aren’t oppressed by the standards of real degrees. As per the US example.

    I find it highly irritating that British liberals wank on about the evil influence of America – Trump, neoconservatism etc – while at the same time slavishly following every half-witted and destructive ‘progressive’ trend from the other side of the pond.

    For example it doesn’t seem that long ago that I was shaking my head while reading David Thmpson’s bits about the White Supremacy hysteria in Yankistan. Now the concept is lodged firmly in the thick skulls of British lefties.

  3. The way it was reported this morning it came across as: we need to encourage people who can’t afford to go to university to go to university.

  4. The Cultural Revolution provides a good template.
    In futute all qualified studemts should publicly recant and apologise for their White Privilege.

  5. If academic rigour gives way to tokenism, what will an Oxbridge degree be worth in a few years’ time? And a few years later, who will want to pay for one?

    Bright school leavers will take their custom to a worthwhile redbrick university and on University Challenge their team will thrash St Retards, Oxbridge.

  6. The Master of a Cambridge college told me explicitly that the purpose of his new policies was to make it harder for my grandson to attend the college however clever he might be. (He assumed my grandson is white, the racist bastard.)

    Then colleges write to ask me to fund them.

  7. @Itellyounothing
    Geography students are rarely the brightest of the bunch. Tellingly, many have rebranded as ‘climate scientists’.

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