Oh, I do hope so

Labour leadership: Party members set to grill leadership candidates

Would that be a wood fired or gas grill? And do we think that Twobellies would sputter better given the lipid stores there or Sir K given the generally oleaginous nature?

5 thoughts on “Oh, I do hope so”

  1. Oh Steve, that’s cruel!

    Perhaps they would be better boiled, like those old cartoons of cannibals (too waayycist these days)

  2. TG,

    The thought of Diane Abbott prancing round the pot in a grass skirt (and two left shoes) makes my stomach heave …

  3. Two left feet could be joined by Dawn Butthead, Fiona OnaLiar, and all the others that look like they are auditioning for the part of Gagool.

    With David Lame (brain) with a bone in his nose… the inverse beauty contest would be complete.

  4. I’d probably go for spitroasting Rebecca Long-Bailey.

    (yeah, her politics are terrible, but she seems like fun)

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