OK, sure

A few years ago I hadn’t given menopause a second thought. These days it’s pretty much all I think, talk and write about, but that was never the plan. In the summer of 2012, I had to undergo a total abdominal hysterectomy, including the removal of both of my ovaries, due to suspected ovarian cancer.

How different modern feminism is from previous manifestations of femininity. The personal is all consuming.

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  1. I was […] constantly anxious and irrational, and felt that I had become useless, hopeless and worthless.

    Guardian columnist collides with self-awareness.

  2. “When leaving the hospital I was simply told to see my GP at some point to discuss hormone replacement, but concerns about it meant that I initially chose not to take it. That was a big mistake. But I had no idea at the time, because nobody had explained it to me.”

    So, doctors recommended it, you chose to listen to scare stories (from friends? the Internet?) and not take it, then whine that ‘no-one told me’..?

    Just checking, this is a grown woman, yes?

  3. and in 3, 2, 1….a schism appears betwixt those who hold HRT allows identification as a sprig and those who don’t.

  4. Not only is the personal all-consuming, it’s barely even political. Writing intelligent informed political commentary is difficult, but anyone can grumble about their latest op and how they are feeling.

  5. I can’t find* where she says it’s men’s fault.


    Pardon me if I cynically think she launched the #MakeMenopauseMatter campaign to supplement her meager Guardian pay. Campaigning seems to be a legitimate way to make a living in England. If you can’t be a professional, and you don’t want to be in the military, campaigning is an honorable profession.

    As others note, this is about HER. In my view, she is selling her campaign.

  6. Hasn’t the stupid bint heard of HRT?

    Maybe she should read The Guardian more often, they’re frequently babbling about HRT – oh, wait; ignore her

    Yes Tim, modern feminism is all about winning the “I suffer more than you” prize rather than “I can and will do this and will succeed despite your doubts”

    Interesting rebellion:
    The point of feminism is ‘choice’ and she has chosen to ‘put family first’


    +1 there’s no U in Meghan

    Where’s the Clintons when they’re needed?

  7. “Where’s the Clintons when they’re needed?”

    Hmmm . . . Royal Sussex Foundation soon to be announced? Domain squatting opportunity available.

  8. Bloke in Costa Rica

    No-one gives a fuck, love.

    Of course you could say that about pretty much any of these solipsistic Grauniad whinges.

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