Quite why we’re supposed to be interested I’ve never been sure. What other people do with their gonads – as long as all are consenting adults – isn’t really my business. Not until that activity is being offered to include my gonads at least, at which point I get to be selective – or non-selective, as happens to men rich in maturity.

But, a political claim:

Lib Dem leadership contender Layla Moran says she is pansexual and in ‘stable relationship’ with a woman

Pansexual – a paedophile specifically interested only in children who never grow up? Like dogging with the goat legged and permanently erect?

Not discriminatory – in either sense, the modern of not oppressing by discriminating, the older of shagging anything that moves?

Incapable of making up her mind, which would suit for a Lib Dem?

Difficult to know what people mean these days, isn’t it? A fruitarian for example, this is t-t-t-touch me, I wanna be fruuiity, right?

34 thoughts on “Pansexual”

  1. I know this shouldn’t be news, but I’m struggling to understand why any grown up would think that it was. Don’t the BBC have editors anymore?

  2. Lib Dems: “Take us seriously!”
    Also Lib Dems: “I have a mental disorder!”

    Claiming a novelty sexuality is fine for awkward teenagers struggling to cope with growing up. It’s as much a part of the modern adolescent experience as being a mod or a goth or dyeing your hair green or getting a piercing or riding a skateboard. But by the time you can legally drink, and certainly by the time you finish university, all that teenage angst and rebellion should be worked out of your system. The fact that Ms Moran, aged 37⅓, feels the need to impress this on the world, tells us that she still has a lot of growing up to do.

  3. Bloke in North Dorset

    They’ve got to stay “relevant” somehow, the next stage will be all of them announcing their preferred pronouns.

    Both leadership contests are going to get very tedious as they view for publicity and space on the MSM.

  4. Thanks VP. I now find I am Cishet. Note it is sometimes used as an insult, apparently

    Cishet, used as both an adjective and a noun, describes a person who is both cisgender and heterosexual. A person is cishet if he or she is cisgender, meaning identifying with his or her assigned-at-birth gender, as well as heterosexual, or attracted exclusively to people of the opposite sex.

  5. Cishet, used as both an adjective and a noun, describes a person who is both cisgender and heterosexual.

    In other words, “normal”.

  6. Pansexual – someone who enjoys a cloven-hoofed artist blowing air down xer pipes.

    Looking at Lola (© Ray Davies) Moran, it’s hard not to feel sorry for the horse somewhere that’s chewing hay with its gums.

  7. I used to be of the “in the privacy of their own home” type, now I see that granting permission for deviancy and perversion didn’t end at the bedroom door. Lock these perverts up for all I care.

  8. Mr Black – The camel’s nose, in’t it? Turns out the Victorians were bigoted prudes because human sexuality is dangerous. If you tolerate this, your children will be next.

  9. BF

    I think an airlift of those who are calling for Cishets to be outlawed into Iraq (indeed more broadly of the other 23 genders), especially given the last 24 hours might be an idea! I’m sure they’d be broadly welcomed given their dislike of Trump. Maybe they could run an LBTGQ+ Parade in Baghdad??

  10. Didn’t they notice that concentrating on this sort of bilge gets you slaughtered at the polls?

    otoh, as Napoleon (or someone) said, never interrupt your enemy when he’s making a mistake.

  11. Hasn’t she taken up with the woman that was sacked for faking emails or some such during the election. Not exactly a good partner for a leadership contestant you’d think.
    Pan seems to be the posh version for Bi that are fed up with the smutty shag anything connotations

  12. Steve

    True enough but I don’t think any satirist could quite have predicted the situation we know find ourselves in. And with the Forstater judgement, it is now legal (at least in the UK) to fire anyone who dares question the Trans agenda certainly….

  13. “Pan seems to be the posh version for Bi that are fed up with the smutty shag anything connotations”

    Oh, that, + 100.

    She’s a slapper who wants to be taken (fnar) for a wiccan white witch at a crossroads. Or, who cares?

    Sir Davey could do worse though, couldn’t he?

  14. I must have grown up in a different world, in my language of my mis-spent yuuff “pansexual” and “in a relationship” are mutually incompatible.

    “sleeps with anybody” and “only sleeping with one person”. How’s that work then?

  15. Layla Moran says she is pansexual because every man took one look at her and ran away


    Tip for females looking for a man: don’t model your looks and persona on the Evil Stepmother/Teacher and Nurse Ratched

    Q: Why are so many MPs and Pols LGB? Is this planned? Deceive to be selected & elected, then come out?


    And/or their chairwoman who approved of faked bar charts on election leaflets (read the 2pt small text)


    Pans People, Hot Gossip, Legs & Co – phowar


    She’s a Lib Dem – she is a liar respecting party name: ilLiberal unDemocrats is true name. Remember their cheer for Verfhofstadt’s EU Empire, but British Empire bad

  16. VP – I think League of Gentlemen nailed it in the movie version where all the crazies come over to our world.

  17. Bloke in Costa Rica

    Well as far as we know at least she doesn’t get her jollies by shitting on a coffee table so she might be a step up for the LibDems.

  18. @BiCR

    Nor does she look the type who: “I smoked lots and lots of dope at uni and enjoyed it”, Jo Swinson

    Ha, got it; Moran reminds me of the evil Head Warder in a prison

    PS re coffee table – who?

  19. @BiCR

    Thanks. Question: Why did he allegedly want rent-boys to poo on his table?

    Seriously weird and worrying he was an MP and father

    Like LGBs, there are too many sexual deviants in HoC

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