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Teen girls took over the climate movement. What happens next?

Umm, dunno really. No one sensible pays any attention until they’ve become women, do they?

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  1. How dare you insult the teenage girl climate activist? She’s just a child.

    Listen to the teenage girl climate activist and centralise the economy under a world government. She’s just a child.

  2. “Thunberg has insisted over and over again that she doesn’t want attention, she wants action.”

    Yeah, but the truth is that no-one really wants action, especially the people most likely to blabber about plastics on Facebook. They all live miles from town, drive Chelsea Tractors and take long haul holidays and have the fucking nerve to moan in the direction of the people who take the bus to work and live in small houses.

  3. Bloke in North Dorset

    “Thunberg has insisted over and over again that she doesn’t want attention, she wants action.”

    Well, she needs to learn its not about her, its about her parents and other hangers-on who have agendas to push and careers to be made.

  4. PJF

    Don’t forget:

    “16 year olds are mature enough to be allowed to vote”
    “16 year olds who go off to join ISIS are naive, immature and gullible and not to blame for their own actions.”

  5. All those predicted disasters stubbornly refusing to happen is becoming rather inconvenient. Wildfires have been giving them something to rant about but these have mainly been caused by poor forest management, usually due to green policies.

  6. ‘ Teen girls took over the climate movement. What happens next?’

    Wait 28 days and their mood will swing onto something else.

  7. Dennis, Climate-Change Denying Fruitcake

    Teen girls took over the climate movement. What happens next?

    Teen boys experience yet another disappointment related to the female of the species.

  8. Time she started looking like a sixteen year old rather than an eleven year old. Are her parents feeding her puberty blockers or is her preadolescent presentation a result of her eating disorder?

  9. “Teen girls take over pharmaceutical industry.”

    “Teen girls take over banking industry.”

    No more ludicrous than teen girls taking over climate industry. Shows how juvenile the climate industry is, that it can be run by girls.

  10. “No one sensible pays any attention”

    Quite a few “World Leaders” and other politicians seem to be fawning at her feet, so one has to ask can they be described as “Sensible”?

  11. I rather feel sorry for the poor girl. She’s destined to be one of those people who spend their lives railing against the world for not living the way she would have them live, disappointed their entire lives that mankind proved unworthy of them. Furthermore, unlike some other harridans, her travels will apparently be quite uncomfortable, not to say that long jet flights are comfortable, but think how many sailboat crossings of the North Atlantic she’ll have to make. If I were to believe in reincarnation, I’d wonder what she did last time to deserve this.

  12. Teenage girls from Sweden and Alaska being given the stage at expensive “climate change” conferences?

    Teenage girls did not barge in uninvited and seize the microphone by force from old white post-menopausal women — the teenage girls were invited and given financial support to attend, and then put on center stage. To be blunt, those teenage girls were being used.

    If Jeffrey Epstein had thought about using teenage girls for advancing a political agenda instead of for making old white rich liberal men smile, he would be a shoo-in for the next Secretary General of the UN.

  13. Teen girls took over the climate movement. What happens next?

    They become pregnant and leave

    @Stonyground January 1, 2020 at 3:49 pm

    Happy New Year to any other Survivors of UK Under Sea in 2020
    The Stupidest Time in Human History

    @Steve, BiND, Gavin


  14. All religions need their martyrs and saints.

    “And the young girl’s ascent has been accompanied by her very own religious iconography; in October, her face was painted across a building in San Francisco like a cathedral mural. She’s even released a short book of her speeches, a kind of pocket scripture for the modern-day climate disciple.”

    All they need is a suitably tragic end.

  15. I think that “Rocco” summed the situation up in a most apposite manner a few months ago… “They should be treated the same as other naughty children and have their bottoms smacked and be sent to bed without any supper!”.

  16. Teenage girls from Sweden will be getting a cultural climate change very shortly.

    Having rapey-rapey multiculturalism will take up the time they currently waste wondering whether the earth will set on fire in the next 10 minutes with something a lot more pressing.

  17. Mr Yan, you know not of what you speak.

    The bombs will get them long before our new diverse friends get their chance.

    (Sent from the front in southern Skåne)

  18. Bloke in Costa Rica

    DM: “All they need is a suitably tragic end.” Burning at the stake has a good pedigree.

  19. @ Raffles

    I happily give way to your in country experience. Of course, the bombers are local and not a consequence of diversity aren’t they?

  20. Skåne

    I tried cleaning that dot off my screen.

    What is the correct pronunciation of Thunberg?


  21. @Raffles

    Sent from the front in southern Skåne

    Lund? Malmö? Ystad? Skillinge?


    Chuckie Thunberg – excellent. Now back in your house quick before she climbs over garden wall like that annoying cat


    Skåne = Sc-own-eh

    Greta = Greeta

    Thunberg = Thoonber

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