Seems a fair claim

Dylann Roof: white supremacist appeals death penalty on mental health grounds

After all, we do all think he’s nuts.

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  1. Waiting for Clive Stafford-Smith to take his case and the Guardian to campaign for mercy……..

    Oh no, that’s only when the killer isn’t white.

  2. “After all, we do all think he’s nuts.”
    He is after all an extremest. He took an extremest action. Why does that make him a nutter? Would you say PIRA were all nutters?
    There’s no doubt a considerable number of Americans would share a lot of his views. I know there’s a lot of Brits have similar views of Pakistanis and see a “race war” as inevitable. Nutters?

  3. BiS: I rather think that’s Tim’s point. He is lampooning the lefties.

    The lefty SJW lot cannot conceed that a “white supremacist” is someone with a legitimate view that happens to differ from theirs. All right-thinking (LOL!) people agree with them. Therefore, anyone who doesn’t agree with them is automatically deemed insane: i.e. a nutter.

    But as the lefties keep telling us, the mentally ill nutters cannot be held liable for their actions when they inadvertently launch a sword attack or throw people off railway platforms.

    Not just hoisting, but taking the petard and shoveing it right upem, Lance Corporal Jones style. Nice one!

  4. IANAL but I thought the insanity plea only worked if the pencils up your nose were compressing your brain to the point that you no longer understood what you were doing.

    Obviously anybody who commits mass murder is some kind of nutter, but that’s not a get-out-of-sparky-free card.

    Mens rea (and stunning-and-brave transwomen’s rea) is based on intent to kill and, well, he didn’t show up at that black church with an intent to tickle, did he?

  5. There is an odd twist here that his claim is for mental problems during his trial, and not the actual criminal act.

    The Left so loves to say ‘white supremacist.’ If Roof didn’t exist, they’d have to invent him.

    Tim is correct to tweak the SJWs lack of consistency. In a just world, Roof would have been put to death in 2015. All this naval gazing now is a product of the Left. What’s good for punks in Ferguson and Baltimore must apply to white supremacist punks, too. But the Left doesn’t see that; THEY get to choose who gets protection and who doesn’t. How dare a white supremacist use their tools!

  6. Dennis the Merciless, or Merciful, Depending

    The tragedy here is that he hasn’t already been hung by the neck until dead.

  7. Bloke in Germany in New Jersey

    Well, “mental health problems” are the stock explanation for all acts of vibrant bomby stabbingness, so why not here?

  8. Bloke in Costa Rica

    It’s a damn shame he didn’t suicide-by-cop and obviate all the bullshit. Failing that, flay him.

  9. Gamecock,

    “How dare a white supremacist use their tools!”

    Straight out of Saul Alinsky’s playbook: force the enemy to play by his own rules.

    Thing is, we’re moving to a world which is no longer governed by rules; but by power relationships instead.

  10. Bloke in North Dorset

    If the left were being consist (hahaha) they’d be arguing against the death penalty on moral grounds, like they did in this country.

    As they aren’t making that argument here can we add grooming gangs to the list of crimes that don’t class as being worthy of living after they’ve been committed? There’s obviously a racist element to them.

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