Should we prosecute him now?

So do we do politics? Yes, of course we do.

Hasn’t be been taking charity money? Which isn’t to be spent on politics?

9 thoughts on “Should we prosecute him now?”

  1. bloke in Germany in New Jersey

    How can I be “posting comments too quickly” when I was the other side of the Atlantic last time I posted a comment?????

  2. Would be good for Murphy to suffer a criminal court conviction to add to the civil action against him taken by Lord Ashcroft for libel.

    However, whatever Murphy’s misdemeanours (and they are legion) all must simply press on with the routine public humiliation of the fat twat.

  3. From the Corporate Accountability Network site:

    “Right now the Corporate Accountability Network is new and so it has no accounts.

    Its first accounts are expected to be for the year to 31 March 2020 and we will publish them in full in using the standards we propose that others adopt after that date.”

    That should be a right laugh.

  4. And I do not see my work as being primarily political because it is not. It is about making systems work to best effect for society. But of course that has political impact. It could not be effective and not be so.

    That is true of all tax justice campaigners. Just as it is true for those on the right who oppose tax justice.

    Modest little cretin isn’t he?

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