So FDR screwed the blacks then

The nasty thing about this is that it’s entirely true:

After the Gilded Age, which led to the Great Depression and essentially collapsed the American economy, our government ushered in a series of New Deal policies that reined in unfettered capitalism and corporate consolidation. However, to a large extent progressives sacrificed the interests of blacks by way of a Faustian bargain that convinced southern legislators to pass New Deal legislation in exchange for not disrupting Jim Crow racial hierarchies. As a result, many of the federal policies adopted in the 1930s and 1940s, which generated the largest growth in our nation’s white-asset based middle class, were racist in both design and implementation.

In the case of labor, the passage of the National Labor Relations Act in 1935, also known as the Wagner Act, guaranteed workers the right to organize and collectively bargain, and provided workers with critical safeguards against corporate exploitation. But this legislation intentionally (by design) excluded agricultural and domestic workers. In the 1930s, nearly half of black men and 90 percent of black women worked in either the agricultural or domestic sector. The same exclusions applied to the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938, which meant that many black sharecroppers and farmers were without protection from continued exploitation by white-male plantation owners in the Jim Crow south.

The New Deal was – at best, at very best – politically bought by screwing the blacks in order to gain the votes of the Democratic Party. At the time largely a Southern and Jim Crow supporting institution.

Fun subject, history, eh?

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  1. Never mind gimmicks Tim–do something about the “posting too quick” shite–or at least get the site cache clearing icon up there for everyone. Ta.

    FDR was a leftist turd. Agreed.

    The Gladrag tries to avoid that statement while whining about race. The race-baiting white hatred of leftist scum Tim, is far too high a price to see even FDR’s bogus halo knocked off.

    Never waste time on utterly corrupt and deceitful leftist bullshit merely because they very occasionally hit on a small truth–ie FDR=leftist scum. The rest of their claims ares bollocks. LBJ was the great assassin of America’s blacks with his welfare handouts.

  2. How much difference did the Wagner Act make in the long run? You can’t stop people forming a club. Collective bargaining is useful to employers in two ways. First, simplicity. Second, the mugs think they are being paid the average for the job, when in fact they are being paid the same as the worst worker in the job.

    FDR failed to prevent unionisation of the federal workforce, arguing that there should be no right to strike against the public. He failed, with dire consequences that have spread around the world.

  3. TMB

    Your White Privilege is your asset and I expect you to apologise for having it.

    Woodrow Wilson reintroduced segregation and the boat was seen as too fragile by FDR not to rock.

  4. “In the 1930s, nearly half of black men and 90 percent of black women worked in either the agricultural or domestic sector.”

    Which doesn’t really tell us if the laws were racist. If 50% of black men represented only 10% of the agricultural workforce in agriculture then more white workers were affected than black.

    I have no idea if that was the case.

    In the 1920s there were around 12m African Americans in a population of around 100m and most of those African Americans lived in the south. I expect that the exclusion of agricultural and domestic workers from the rule changes affected white workers in the north as well as black workers in the south.

  5. ‘guaranteed workers the right to organize and collectively bargain, and provided workers with critical safeguards against corporate exploitation’

    Southerners told them to keep their fascist shit out of the South.

  6. During the First War it was realised that it would be wise to offer proper officer training to Indians to serve in the Indian Army. Sandhurst couldn’t take many so a military academy was opened in India shortly after the war.

    Some of the new officers eventually realised that to broaden their experience they should take secondments to the British Army. Yet I’ve never read anything suggesting that there were difficulties in the British Army about having a few brown officers in charge of white troops.

    In the First War there was a handful of black (or mulatto) chaps from the West Indies who were officers in the British Army.

    FDR extended segregation in the US armed services and in the federal government. Perhaps, irrespective of party politics, he had a personal animus against blacks. He was a thoroughly nasty piece of work so it’s not out of the question.

  7. At least it isn’t a heading on an identitarian balance sheet.

    Don’t give the Potato formerly known as Professor ideas.

  8. ‘This obscene concentration of wealth, the likes of which hasn’t been seen since the Great Depression, is unsustainable’

    Kill the rich people and take their stuff.

    (Okay, the people aren’t quite ready to accept that yet. But keep working on it. WORKERS OF THE WORLD UNITE!)

    ‘and a threat to our democracy.’

    Totalist bullshit. They couldn’t care less about democracy.

  9. Henry Crun: Don’t give the Potato formerly known as Professor ideas.

    Just give it a little time and it will turn out he invented it!

  10. FDR screwed the blacks; Elizabeth I screwed the Catholics. It’s all ancient history now. Why are the likes of the Guardian (and the NY Times’ 1619 project) stirring up old divisions?

  11. Any division will do. CM want to unravel Western Civilization. So they see racism in everything. Because they still consider it a useful tool.

    They don’t care about racism. It’s just a tool.

  12. Bloke in Costa Rica

    Let’s not forget: the KKK were the paramilitary wing of the Democratic Party. Now it’s Antifa.

  13. …and minimum wage introduced to price Blacks out of labour market


    Spot on with KKK

    Dems haven’t really changed, their words don’t match their actions

    Then again, UK Boris & Conservatives no better

    Dominic Lawson: The astounding story of how China’s Huawei seduced Britain’s elite

  14. Its always amazing how often the Democrats come up as the ‘part of racism’ throughout history while the GoP gets accused of this they keep ending up being on the side of ending slavery, opposing Jim Crow, Civil Rights Act, etc.

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